5 Signs Your Crush Will Kiss You on NYE

It's Dec. 31, and everything you've done this year up to this point, boils down to this one fateful night.

What will you wear, where will you go—and most importantly, will you receive that coveted New Year's kiss?


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While there's no way to know for sure just what will go down when the clock strikes midnight, there are definite hints you can look for throughout the night as to whether or not you'll steal a magical smooch from your crush.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. You Know for Sure Your Crush Isn't Dating or Romantically Talking to Anyone Else

If you're 100% certain your crush only has eyes for you, and they've been there with you all night, then there's a pretty good chance you two will lock lips. Unless you somehow lose each other, one of you is too tired to make it to midnight or they're too scared to make the move, there's really no reason this kiss shouldn't happen.


2. Your Crush Has Been Texting You Nonstop All Day and Into the Night

It's one thing for you to see your crush out wherever you two spend the evening, but if they've been hitting you up all day—and even once you guys get to where you are—that's a surefire sign they're excited to see you, and about the night that lies ahead. NYE is obviously one of the biggest nights of the year, and it involves a lot of preparation, so if they're taking time out of their busy day to hit you up incessantly, they're probably trying to send you a signal.

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3. Your Crush Hasn't Left Your Side All Night

NYE is the perfect night for mingling. Everyone's in a good mood and typically looking their best, so it's the perfect opportunity to be a social butterfly. If you and your crush are glued at the hip all night—when they could be in the company of others—not only are they making it clear they enjoy your company, but chances are, they aren't just going to up and leave when the ball drops.


4. Your Crush's Body Language Shows Signs of Interest

It's one thing if you and your crush have been talking in big groups all night and everyone is chiming in with endless laughter—but if your crush often leans in when you're talking, takes you aside to talk one-on-one, or endearingly pats your arm or shoulder when you two are in the middle of conversation, that's a strong sign they're in it to win when it comes time for that New Year's kiss.

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5. Your Crush Has Made a Comment (Either Jokingly or Serious) About the New Year's Kiss

Sharing a New Year's kiss with someone you aren't officially dating can be very awkward, so if your crush has mentioned it, either jokingly or seriously, there's a very good chance they want to make it happen. Obviously, if they say it seriously, well, there's your answer. But if they say it jokingly, that could be their way of addressing the matter without making it uncomfortable. If they didn't want to kiss you, they would avoid the unpleasant topic altogether.

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