5 Signs You're Not Ready for a Pet Yet

Whether you grew up in a family full of pets or have merely spent hours and hours wishing you could have one, many of us have wanted a fluffy friend at some point in time.

However, not all of us actually should get a pet… at least not yet, anyway. After all, a pet—mainly talking cats and dogs here, but to be fair it could go for other animals as well—is a lot of work. From grooming and feeding to taking care of "business" and even just making sure they're up to date on their vaccinations, it's a heavy load to balance on top of everything else you've got going on.

Still wondering whether or not you should get that pet you've been wanting? To help you decide, try to look past the reasons why you should get one and first read through this list of signs you might not be ready just yet.

1. You Can Barely Keep Your Own Room Clean

Are you constantly stepping over piles of dirty laundry on your floor or guilty of picking a shirt to wear out of the stack that's taken hold of "the chair" in the corner? You might want to rethink asking for that puppy you've been wanting. Not only are animals messy by themselves, but keeping them in a messy environment leads to way too many opportunities for them to get into trouble by destroying some of your things (or even eating some snacks that could get them seriously sick). Maybe wait until you're at least able to keep your room organized?


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2. You Travel a Ton/Just Aren't Home a Lot

Having a pet means having a pet, not playing with it when you want to and forgetting about it the rest of the time. If you're someone who either travels a ton (meaning you're away a lot of weekends, at least) or just isn't home a lot, your pet will be suffering in the meantime.


3. You Can't Afford the Upkeep

A few things pets require that might dig into the budget you've got going:

  • Food
  • Collars/leashes/harnesses
  • Pet carriers
  • Vaccinations
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Pet beds/accessories
  • Pet cleaning supplies
  • Medications

Oh yeah, and all of that is not even to mention potential vet bills, especially if you have to get your pet spayed/neutered (which you definitely should do if they weren't already when you got them). If all that is starting to add up a little too much, you might want to pass for now.


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4. Your Current Living Space Isn't Pet Friendly

Are you in a dorm or student apartment that isn't pet-friendly? Don't test the rules. Even if you are allowed a pet, keeping an animal in a cramped space with tons of people coming in and out all the time isn't exactly ideal.


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5. You're Not Good at Having a Routine/Regular Schedule

Your schedule might be less than systematic, but your pet will probably operate a bit more like clockwork. If you love to sleep in until noon sometimes and wake up bright and early other days, remember that you have a pet that is going to need to be walked/fed at similar times each day. Either you're going to get annoyed at them when they wake you up to go out/be fed, or they're going to suffer from your schedule not meeting their needs as it should. It's okay to mess up once in a while, but a truly volatile routine is not a great sign if you're thinking of getting a pet.


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Okay, did you pass the test? Or did you check off a few too many signs from this list? Don't worry if you're not ready right now, you still have a lifetime of pet love to soak up eventually when you are ready. If you are ready though, or you already have one in your household, click HERE for some TikTok pet tips you can't miss.