8 Signs You're Going to Be With Your S.O. for a Long Time

If you're currently in a romantic relationship, first of all, congrats!

Finding a boyfriend or girlfriend you want to spend your time with is no easy feat, so cherish every moment. If you're at the point where things are starting to get a bit more serious, we're willing to bet you're wondering if they're "the one." So, how do you know if they're going to stick around? Keep reading for the eight common signs that mean you're going to be with your S.O. for a long time.

1. You Listen to Each Other's Advice

You know how some people are talkers, and others are listeners? If your partner is able to act as both and dish out great advice, you may have just found the one. After all, you don't want to be with someone who doesn't have anything to say in the midst of difficult situations, do you? If your partner acts as your rock, and you as theirs, there is nothing you can't overcome.

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2. They're the First Person You Want to Share News With (Good or Bad)

Whether you aced a test, got the job you wanted, hit a personal record working out or tried a new food, if your S.O. is the first person you want to share that news with, that's great news. This also works for the bad stuff too—if you flunked a quiz, got a speeding ticket or lost a loved one and they're the first one you want to share the news with, chances are, they're going to be around for quite some time.


3. They Ask How Your Family and Friends Are Doing

Who are the most important people in your life? For most, it's family and friends. If your boyfriend or girlfriend asks about them, that's a sure sign that they care about you. While they may not yet be close to your family and friends, the fact that they care enough to ask speaks volumes.


4. They Remember the Little Things

Sometimes, our friends tell us about certain things and we have no idea what they're talking about. And no, it doesn't make you a bad person because you forgot! However, if your partner remembers all the little things you talk about, like the theme of your birthday party last year, your order from Chipotle or something else, they're in for the long haul.


5. You Feel Comfortable With Them

We typically feel the most comfortable around people who have been in our lives for a long time—like family and close friends. If you've reached that point with your S.O., that's great! Whether you're comfortable sitting in silence, talking about awkward topics or something else, comfort with your partner is key to a lasting relationship.

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6. You Agree to Disagree on Certain Topics

We don't know about you, but when someone agrees with each and every little thing you say, it can lead to some pretty boring convos. That's why they say opposites attract, after all. And while we aren't saying that's always the case, it is healthy to disagree with your partner on certain topics, as it allows for growth.


7. You Talk About the Future

If you want to know if you have a future with your partner, the first thing you need to do is talk about it. If you and your S.O. talk about the future regularly, we're willing to bet they see you in their lives for a long time to come.


8. They Don't Hold You Back

If you have friends who always seem to cancel plans because of their S.O., that's a sure sign that they're being held back. The last thing you want in life is to have a partner who doesn't push you to new experiences, friends and more. So if your S.O. pushes you to try new things or explore new interests, they're definitely a keeper.

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