If you’re here, it probably means your feelings for a friend have developed into a little more than friendship.

Whether it seems like a pretty obvious step, or it totally caught you off guard, crushing on a friend isn’t really that surprising. When a person knows you well and you enjoy each other’s company, sometimes it’s only natural that an attraction develops.

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So, have your harmless friend-feelings turned into more, or is it all in your head? Find out below by reading eight signs you’ve totally started crushing on a friend:

1. You Get Especially Excited When They’re Around

We’re always excited to be in the presence of a pal, but have you started counting down until the next time you’ll see this person? Does your energy level heighten at the thought of hanging out with them? If you find yourself getting way more excited to see them than you ever did before, you may be crushing.

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2. Your Voice Changes When You Talk to Them

Can you not maintain your usual tone when you two are in conversation? Does the pitch of your voice rise a bit? That’s a sign that you’re giddy when you two speak, which is a further sign you like them.


3. You Start Paying More Attention to Whom They Flirt With

When you have only friend-feelings for someone, their crushes and S.O.s can come and go without you putting much thought into it, but if you’re crushing, you keep an eye on their every romantic move. You even start getting annoyed when you see them talking to anyone who isn’t you.

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4. You Start Caring More If They Flake or Choose Not to Hang Out With You

Let’s get one thing straight: No one should carelessly flake on someone they care about, so doing that should never be okay. But there are times when we brush it off easily or quickly make other plans. If a friend’s flakiness or lack of hanging out is hitting you harder than before, there’s a good chance you’re crushing, because, duh, you want them around all the time.


5. You Start Looking for Reasons to Talk About Them

It’s super common to refer to our friends in passing, or tell a funny story about them here and there, but if you’ve started bringing up everything, from what they ate for dinner last night to how you just saw their least favorite teacher walk by, it’s a definite sign they’re frequently on your mind—for a new reason.

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6. You Tell Yourself There’s No Way, Every Time You Catch Yourself Thinking About Them

Of course we’re in denial when we initially crush on a friend. That was a zone into which you never ventured previously and these emotions you’re suddenly feeling seem wrong and foreign. If you keep having to talk yourself out of thinking or feeling something about them, you should probably just come to terms with reality and accept the situation.


7. You Start Picking Fights With Them

Do you suddenly nitpick everything they do, the way a girlfriend would? Does everything they do suddenly offend you or feel like they’re out to get you? This heightened sense of sensitivity towards this person is based your caring a whole lot more about them and their every move.

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8. You Pay More Attention to Their Texting Habits

With your regular friends, you may get annoyed if they don’t respond right away or if they leave you hanging in the middle of what seemed like a back-and-forth convo, but you don’t really think much about it beyond that.

When you’re crushing on a friend, you suddenly find yourself analyzing every word you sent, trying to figure out what may have pushed them into non-response mode. You may even follow up to ask, “Is everything okay?” because you’re far too concerned with where you two stand.


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