6 Signs You're a Needy Friend

Let's face it, no one wants to be the needy friend. Sure, relying on your pals for a little extra support every now and then is totally fine, and we all go through stretches where we need a little more attention—but nobody wants to be a drain.

If you think this might be you, keep reading for six signs you're a needy friend.

1. You Can't Make Decisions on Your Own

Getting an opinion from your pals regarding an outfit or wanting their approval of your S.O. is totally understandable, but if you find that you can't make a single decision without checking in with your friends first, that could mean you're the needy one of the bunch. Seeking validation from your buddies is normal, but you should also have enough confidence and strength to make choices for yourself, especially as they pertain to your own life.

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2. You're Always the One Initiating Things

If you're always the friend who's calling everyone or suggesting you all hang out, this could be another sign of neediness on your part. However, this also depends on the personalities of the other people in your friend group. If the rest of your pals are a bit more passive, then you suggesting plans could mean nothing. In fact, your friends might even like your take-charge attitude. If you want to find out if this is a sign of neediness, however, take a break from initiating everything and let your friends come to you. If they take control, you've got nothing to worry about.


3. You Feel Threatened by Your Friends' Other Pals

Needy people typically feel threatened when there are others in the picture because it feels like they're diverting attention away from you. If you find yourself getting jealous of a friend's new pal, neediness might be the root of the problem. However, since jealousy among friends is fairly common, try and examine exactly what's making you feel this way. Are you simply wary of this other pal and feel like you just need to get to know them better, or are you upset about all the time they're spending with the person close to you? If it's the latter, this is definitely a sign of neediness.

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4. You're Jealous of Your Friends' Significant Other

Just as you might be jealous of a friend's new pal, the same goes for a new significant other. Again, however, there are several reasons you might envy your friend's new S.O., and not all of them have to do with neediness. Try hanging out with them as a couple for a bit and see if your feelings change. If your feelings don't mellow after a little time has passed, and you still view this new person as more of an obstacle between you and your pal, you could be exhibiting some needy behavior.


5. You're Always the One Talking, Never Listening

It's important for you to feel open and safe enough to talk to your friends, but it's also crucial that they feel comfortable enough to open up to you as well. It's part of how you bond and grow closer, and it's the sign of a strong friendship. If you find that you're always the one talking, but rarely listening, chances are you're a bit needy and your friend is being there for you more than you're being there for them. Try turning the tables and see how it feels!

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