Signs You're Not Happy in Your Friend Group

The obsession over Taylor Swift's squad and the gang on Friends can make it seem like having a solid group of friends is the only way to have a thriving social life.

It may be why so many people crave not just having a lot of friends, but having one group you can always hit up whenever you're bored or, in the case of Netflix's Ginny & Georgia, in desire of a themed Halloween costume.

Yet while it can be super fun to have a great group of friends who you know will be there for you with just the ding of the group chat, not all friend groups are created equal. (See The Plastics, for example.) It's easy to find yourself entangled in a group just to be a part of something—even if it's not making you happy. Here are some clues you're simply not vibing with your friend group.

You Feel Obligated, Not Excited, About Plans

There's always some level of obligation with friendship. Maybe you don't necessarily want to go to your friend's basketball tournament—because sports make you sleepy—but you do because it's important your friend sees supporters in the stands. However, if your friends are constantly doing stuff that just doesn't interest you, but you find yourself having to show up in order to feel like part of the gang, it might be a sign you're just not happy with the current dynamics.


You Feel Left Out

The dynamics of a friend group can get complicated, especially because it's easy to feel left out when members of the group are hanging out without you. If you find yourself hurting often because you see an Insta pic of the group doing something fun when you weren't invited along, it could be a clue that you're just not being prioritized with your friends—and that you might be better off finding new people to invest your time in.


(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


You Feel Like You're Not Totally Yourself

Very few friends will share all of our interests and get excited about the same exact things, but if you feel like you're not able to talk about something big in your life—like, say, a passion for theater or the swim team—because your friends just don't get it, it might be a sign that you're holding yourself back just to fit in with this group.


(Ginny & Georgia via Netflix)


You Feel Pressured to Do Stuff You're Uncomfortable With

If you get anxious about hanging out with your friends because you're worried that they're going to encourage you to do things you're just not okay with, it might be time to reevaluate whether this friendship is actually serving you. You deserve friends who will respect your boundaries.


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