8 Signs You're Obsessed With Bath & Body Works

What's better than walking into a Bath & Body Works? Nothing.

All jokes aside, Bath & Body Works always seems to put a smile on our faces, no matter what our moods were prior to walking in. That's the magic it provides! Feel the same? Here are eight signs you just might be obsessed with Bath & Body Works.

1. You Have a Stash of Their Candles In Your House

If you have a stash of their candles hidden in your house, that's a telltale sign you're obsessed with the brand.


2. You Have Their Hand Sanitizers in Every Room and Purse

Do you not feel complete without having access to one of their hand sanis in any given situation? If you have a hand sanitizer in every bag, room and even your car, you're absolutely obsessed.


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3. You Only Use Their Foam Soaps

While you're not opposed to using their gel soaps, you hold a special place in your heart for their foam soaps—and every time you walk out of the store, you stock up on even more of them.


4. You Have Their Wallflower Plugins in Every Room

You have a wallflower plugin in every room not only because the plugs themselves are adorable, but because you love having the option to make every room smell like a dream.


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5. You Always Have One of Their Candles Lit

It's a rare day for you if you haven't lit one of their candles—in fact, it almost never happens. Whether you're reading a book, scrolling through TikTok or doing some work, having a candle lit next to you makes everything a million times better.


6. You Hoard Your Favorite Seasonal Scent From Them

Whether you prefer spring, summer, fall or winter, Bath & Body Works has a scent you're absolutely obsessed with. And once you find one you love, you hoard enough to last you until the following year!


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7. Your Bath/Shower Is Full of Their Products

Minimalism is not in your vocabulary—at least when it comes to your bathroom situation. You have multiple Bath & Body Works products on your shelves and aren't mad about it.


8. Your Friends Tell You You're Obsessed With Bath & Body Works

If anyone has ever said that you might be obsessed with Bath & Body Works, we agree with them. When other people start to notice your obsession, chances are, it's real!


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