Simon Cowell Helps Manchester Dogs!

Simon Cowell is a well-known fan of dogs, so after the Manchester Dogs' Home burned down last week in a terrible fire, he decided to give back!simon cowell donate dog shelter

On Thursday night, fire was set to the Manchester Dogs' Home. The shelter burnt down and 60 dogs lost their lives, while 150 surviving dogs were left without shelter. Many of these dogs also needed immediate veterinarian care.

After hearing about the news, Simon Cowell decided that he had to do something. He donated £25,000, or about $40,700, to the shelter to help set things right.

Simon gave another £10,000 to two volunteer rescuers, Jason Dyer and Dean Rostock, who saved 20 dogs. He asked the pair to use the money to go on a nice vacation.

"For something like that to happen, is disgusting," Simon said."I can't even think about it, so many dogs died. We are going to give them some money and take the guys who rescued some of the dogs on holiday because of what they did. I only got Jason and Dean's names today. I would just say both of them, they are true heroes and lots of respect from me for doing it. It was very upsetting."

Simon is known to be a dog lover. He's frequently spotted with his beloved pups, squiggly and Diddly! He'll also make a big difference in the lives of the remaining 150 dogs.

Most of the dogs are being temporarily relocated to the Cheshire Dogs' Home. Other ordinary citizens, as well as celebrities, including Ricky Gervais, have also contributed, raising more than £1 million in total for the shelter!

What do you think of the cause? You can make your own donation at Just Giving! You can also comment below and join us at Sweety High to tell us why animals are so important to you!