5 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress

No matter how old you are or what phase of life you're in, we all experience stress.

It can feel more or less intense in some situations than others, but it's always good to have a few simple coping strategies for dealing with stress in order to prevent yourself from burning out! It's important to try and continue working on becoming your best self. With that said, while there may not exactly be a cure for your stress, you can try giving one of these five simple ways of dealing with stress a go.

1. Slow Down

Sometimes, the best thing you can do in times of stress is simply slow down. Stop, take a deep breath and take the time to be mindful of your surroundings and how you're reacting. Usually, whatever is causing you stress isn't something that will affect you in the long run anyway.


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2. Take Time to Be Thankful

Need a little mind hack for when stress and anxiety have gotten the better of you? Name a few things you're grateful for (even silently in your head will do). Apparently, it's psychologically impossible for your brain to experience anxiety and gratefulness at the same time, so this hack works in times when other tactics might not. Plus, being thankful is simply always a good thing, and it puts you on the path to optimism.


3. Talk It Out

When in doubt, talk it out. Talking about your feelings and the stress that you're experiencing to someone you trust can help you feel better. Not only does it help you know that your feelings are valid, but venting is also a much bigger reliever of stress than many people recognize.


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4. Find a Healthy Distraction

Another method for dealing with stress without fully ignoring it is by finding a healthy distraction that will keep your mind away from whatever it is that is causing your stress. Things like going for a walk, throwing on your cutest workout 'fit and hitting the gym or even just reading your favorite book/watching your favorite comfort TV show will do just fine. However, try not to stress double-fold when you enter back into whatever is making you stressed (that is if it's something unavoidable like school or a family matter).


5. Ask For Help If You Need It

Sometimes, the stress we experience feels a little extra heavy. If it ever feels like it might be too heavy for you to handle, there's no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed by asking for help—it typically takes expert advice to get you back on track.


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