7 Simple Ways to Take Pressure Off Your Parents During Quarantine

During quarantine, most of us have been stuck at home with our families.

And while we love them, everyone gets on each other's nerves from time to time. Whether your brother was playing his music too loud, you forgot to clean your dishes or your mom put something on the TV you don't want to watch, there's lots of room for arguments.

But you know who's getting the brunt of it during these times? Your parents. They're the ones providing a roof over your head, so it's important to remember that and be thankful. Keep reading for seven simple ways to take pressure off your parents during quarantine:


1. Cook a Meal for the Whole Family

Even if it's as simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, your parents will appreciate you making something for the whole family. It's one less task off their plate (pun intended), as they're likely busy with working from home and other household duties. Make sure to clean up after yourself and everyone else, too.

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2. Clean and Fold the Laundry

If your parents still do your laundry, it's time to make a change. You're old enough to start doing it yourself, and now's the perfect time to learn! By washing your own clothes, you're giving yourself more responsibility, which will show your parents you can handle more adult tasks in the long run.


3. Look After Your Younger Siblings

Looking after younger siblings is a big task. If you think you're up for the challenge, ask your parents if you can babysit them. Try it out for one day and see how it goes. If it went well, make it a weekly thing. Not only will you be helping out your parents, but you'll be able to spend quality time with your siblings.


4. Take Care of the Family Pet

Chances are, you have a family pet of some sort. Whether it's a dog, cat, hamster or some other cute animal, take it upon yourself to look after it. Some of these tasks might include taking it out to the bathroom, taking it on a walk, cleaning its cage or living space, or filling up their food and water bowls.

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5. Load and Unload the Dishes

Doing the dishes are a pain in the butt, plain and simple. And when you're in the house all hours of the day, they start to pile up, and fast. Whenever you dirty a dish, make sure to place it in the dishwasher to avoid a pile in the sink. If you're feeling up to it, clean everything leftover in the sink and turn on the dishwasher. Unload it when it's ready!


6. Keep Your Room Tidy

Keeping your own room tidy may not seem like it's helping your parents out that much, but trust us, it is! How many times do they tell you to clean your room? If it's a lot, that means it's stressing them out. Make sure to keep your floor clear, make your bed and keep everything in tip-top shape.


7. Offer Up Your Help in General

If you've run out of ideas on how to help out your parents around the house, simply ask them what they need. They'll appreciate that you're taking the time to assist them throughout the day with chores. By taking some stress off their shoulders, the house will be a much happier place.

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