6 Subtle Signs Your Single Crush Is Off the Market Amid Quarantine

Oh, quarantine.

Even though it feels like the entire world is on pause, things are still happening while you're trapped inside the house. Heading into lockdown, your crush may have been single. But will you still be able to pursue a relationship with them once quarantine is over?

Keep scrolling for six subtle signs your single crush is off the market amid quarantine.

They're Offline More

At the beginning of quarantine, your crush was always online. They posted stories and constantly updated their feed, even though every post was just another complaint about being trapped inside. As the lockdown has continued, however, your crush has almost disappeared online.

It's true that your crush might have run out of things to post, but they also could have found a new flame who takes up most of their time. They're not looking for attention online anymore because they're getting everything they need from their new special someone.

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They're Posting From Somewhere New

Yes, everyone's supposed to be staying at their own house during the quarantine. But as things slowly start opening up, people are embracing the risk and starting to visit friends and family nearby.

If you notice that your crush is consistently posting from a location that definitely isn't their house, they might have a new S.O. They can't see everyone yet, but they're at least making time to visit with their new partner.


They No Longer Respond to Your Messages

If your communication with your crush changed during quarantine, they might be in a new relationship. Maybe the two of you would talk fairly regularly at the beginning of lockdown, but now they haven't responded to any of your messages for a few days. If that's the case, it could be because they found someone new and no longer feel comfortable keeping in contact with you.


They Always Mention One Particular Person

Maybe your crush hasn't cut off all contact with you. They're keeping in touch, but you notice they're always bringing up one particular person. Perhaps they can't keep themselves from mentioning future plans with this person or telling you all about their conversations. If that's the case, your crush is probably dating them (or wants to date them, at least). They're still chatting with you regularly because they consider you a friend, but their romantic interest lies with someone else.

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They're Tagging Someone on Social Media

If your crush is suddenly tagging someone new in memes and posts, they're definitely in a relationship. They might not be ready to share their new person on their feed, but they're still communicating publicly that they're seeing someone new. Meme tags are the best way to stay connected to a new partner without announcing that you're in a relationship. If the same name keeps popping up in your crush's tags, you might have to cut your losses and start looking for someone new.


The Same Person Pops Up On Their Socials

Some people like to keep their relationship off social media for a while, but others don't mind posting that special someone the second they start dating. If your crush is the latter, you'll start seeing someone new popping up in their stories. If you can confirm that this random person isn't a sibling, it's probably a significant other. Your crush doesn't have an arrow pointing at them that reads "My S.O.," but they're still making it clear that they're in a relationship.


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