The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is filled to the brim with fun events and other festivities—many of which unfortunately seem designed just for couples to enjoy.

But before you let the thought of spending another holiday without a partner to cuddle next to the fire and sip hot chocolate with get to you, remember that being single really isn't so bad (especially during the holidays)! With that said, here is your single girl's guide to surviving the holidays:

Conquering Holiday Parties

Whether it's a family gathering or an ugly Christmas sweater party with your BFFs, holiday parties are back and better than ever this year. However, these gatherings can tend to yield plenty of invasive questions about your love life (or lack thereof). If it's a family event and your aunt won't stop prying about your single status, try simply brushing it off with an, "Oh no, I'm focused on getting into the college I want right now," or other answer that will leave them both impressed by you and leaving you alone in those terms for the rest of the gathering.

If you're at a party with friends, however, the game changes entirely. There may be other singles to mingle with, or you may just feel like a fifth wheel to many of your coupled-up friends. Either way, simply relax and try to make the most of any situation, whether that's chatting to the cute guy or girl across from you on the couch or laughing about how much PDA your friends engage in around you (better that they learn sooner rather than later).

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Enjoy Moments With Friends

The holidays sometimes seem like they were designed purely for couples, considering everything from mistletoe to the infamous New Year's kiss at midnight. And sure, there are plenty of events that would be nice to spend with a significant other, but that isn't all! There's no reason you can't do the same date-night kind of ideas you have during the holidays with your friends. Try a few of these ideas:

  • Bake cookies and watch Christmas movies on the couch
  • Drive around and find the best Christmas lights in the neighborhood
  • Go ice skating and get hot chocolate afterward to warm up
  • Throw a New Year's Eve bash with your closest friends and sip sparkling juice at midnight
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Essentially, there's no reason you can't still enjoy the joys of the holidays with the people you love just because it isn't a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's always possible to make the most of the holidays when you don't think of being single as a bad thing!

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All in all, whether it's the holiday season or not, being single is nothing to be ashamed of or to wish away. In fact, it actually has plenty of advantages! For a little more inspiration on how to embrace being the "single friend," click HERE to check out our thoughts.