Here Are All of the Benefits of Our Favorite Single-Ingredient Skincare Products

If you've tried a lot of skincare products over the years, you probably know that not all items are created equal.

Have you ever tried something that just fell short of your needs, or one that addressed all of your issues, but was too oily or drying or otherwise just didn't work for you? If so, the solution to your skin woes just might be single-ingredient skincare.

With the less-is-more approach of single-ingredient skincare, you can utilize powerful ingredients that target your skin concerns, without any filler or extraneous ingredients. We got the chance to chat with Eduard Röösli, CEO of Sky Organics, to learn more about the new wave of single-ingredient skincare, and what all of their great products actually do for skin.

Sweety High: What are some of the biggest positives of using single-ingredient skincare and haircare products?

Eduard Roosli: Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and with our effective single-ingredient certified organic products, we give users the opportunity to choose, mix and layer products depending on their specific concerns. Our single-ingredient power players are 100% pure and retrieved through a process of cold pressing rather than being chemically extracted so that our product is free of any potential irritants that can be harmful to our farmers, our planet and our consumer.


SH: How does using these products help us avoid dubious ingredients? What would you say are the ingredients we should avoid whenever possible when it comes to skincare?

ER: For us, it's all about the simplicity of ingredients in our products rather than the ingredients we avoid. Instead of relying on harsh actives, we use plant-derived ingredients like castor oil, rosehip oil, marula oil and shea butter to address skin and hair concerns, naturally. We don't sacrifice purity for efficacy, which is why our 100% pure single-ingredient products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and dyes.


SH: What are the uses for castor oil?

ER: Our organic, pure and cold-pressed castor oil is a multipurpose oil that is packed with nourishing fatty acids that moisturize and condition hair, scalp, lashes and brows to help combat dryness and support fuller and healthier-looking hair.


SH: What are the uses for mango butter?

ER: Our mango butter has a balm-to-oil texture that sinks into dry skin to deliver lightweight hydration and help support moisturized, balanced and radiant skin.


SH: What are the uses for marula oil?

ER: Our organic cold-pressed marula oil is a lightweight dry oil full of nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants that sink into skin to deliver lasting moisture and softness without clogging pores or leaving a greasy feel on the skin.


SH: What are the uses for bentonite clay?

ER: This 100% pure powdered clay mask helps remove blemish-causing impurities and everyday pollutants from pores while gently exfoliating dull areas to support a clear and even-looking complexion.


SH: What are the uses for shea butter?

ER: Our organic shea butter is a multipurpose moisturizer that delivers ultra-rich moisture to the face and body to keep skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished with a healthy glow.


SH: What does it mean for an ingredient to be cold-pressed? Why is this often better than chemical extraction of ingredients?

ER: Our carefully cold-pressed single ingredients are extracted through mechanical methods that avoid heat and chemical intervention. This minimal processing helps protect and retain our ingredients' vitamins and nutrients to produce a richer oil. Others often use heat processing, which unfortunately is also done to speed things up, but can cause the delicate molecules within oils to break down and degrade, minimizing the ingredients' benefits and essential nutrients.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about single-ingredient skincare?

ER: As consumers are becoming more educated about skincare and formulations, the spotlight on single ingredient benefits continues to grow. This less-is-more approach to skincare is coupled with users' desire to have more control over what they are feeding their skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. There is a lot of good that can be done by nurturing the skin with the cleanest ingredients that nature can provide, which we certify as such by using what is defined as USDA organic. Being organic is not only in our name, but it is also our passion. At Sky Organics, our commitment to clean and high-quality standards support your skin wellness and beauty rituals with pure ingredients—without harsh chemicals—so you can feel your best, confident self every day. We choose certified organic whenever possible because we know that's the cleanest clean around.


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