18 Stunning Gifts to Treat Yourself With This Single's Awareness Day

If you're single and more than ready for the mushy Valentine's Day season to be over and done with, you're in luck, because the day after V-Day, Feb. 15, happens to be Single's Awareness Day.

In our humble opinion, there's no better time to treat yourself with a bit of retail therapy than this unique and underappreciated holiday. Whether you plan to celebrate with your best friends or splurge on yourself, here are some of our favorite gifts of the year to get the pampering started.

Truly Beauty Ultimate Unicorn Bundle: $171.40

When it comes to indulgent beauty bundles, we don't know if anyone does it better than Truly Beauty, and this Ultimate Unicorn Bundle goes all out. It includes seven fabulous goodies in the brand's signature candy-like Unicorn scent, which will leave skin feeling as great as it smells, and it all comes bundled in the cutest fuzzy bag. If you haven't seen their rainbow-hued whipped Unicorn Fruit body butters and polishes, prepare to be entranced.

Truly Beauty Ultimate Unicorn Bundle

(via Truly Beauty)


Baloo Living The Mini: $149

Few things instantly help us feel as grounded and soothed as Baloo Living's weighted blanket, and their The Mini blanket is a great starter for anyone who's new to the practice. This nine-pound blanket is 40 inches wide and 60 inches tall, making it just the thing for sleeping, and its cotton batting makes it cool and breathable even when it's sweltering outside. It also comes in some great color options, so you don't have to rest under a dull grey blanket as your stresses melt away.

Baloo Living The Mini

(via Baloo Living)


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Morphée Zen: $79.99

Need a little extra help getting into a peaceful mindset? The Morphée Zen is a unique tech device shaped like a stone that's designed to help users manage stress. It's super light and portable, and all you have to do is plug in some headphones and turn it on to begin one of 72 meditation sessions or listen to some calming nature sounds or relaxing music to completely transform your mode of thinking. If you're like us and tend to get side-tracked by your phone when using meditation apps or looking for soothing music on YouTube, it's also the perfect distraction-free device.

Morphée Zen

(via Morphée)


Demeter Fragrance Zodiac Foolproof Blending Sampler Set: $48.60

We always feel more confident and beautiful when we're wearing the scents that lift us up, and Demeter Fragrance's Zodiac Foolproof Blending Sampler Set is a great start if you're looking for a new signature scent. It's made up of 12 sample scents, each inspired by a different sign of the zodiac to emphasize that sign's unique energy and power, and they are each heavenly. Even better, they're designed to mix and match together, so we recommend starting with the scents for your sun, moon and rising signs until you land on what makes you feel the most you.

Demeter Fragrance Zodiac Foolproof Blending Sampler Set

(via Demeter Fragrance)


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baggallini Sling Backpack: $95

If you're looking for a new favorite on-the-go bag, treat yourself to this baggallini Sling Backpack. It's sleek yet stylish, coming in the sweetest pink color and a sling style that makes it easy to access your phone and other essentials when you need them, and forget you're carrying anything at all when you don't.

baggallini Sling Backpack

(via baggallini)


Rose Box NYC Single Gold Rose Jewelry Box: $89

Sure, flowers are beautiful, but the fact they only last a week or so can make them feel like a big waste—especially when you're buying for yourself. Enter Rose Box NYC, a unique company that uses a special process to make their roses last anywhere from one year to three. This Single Gold Rose Jewelry Box is made from acrylic, with a golden-colored rose above a sliding drawer for holding small items such as jewelry, so you can continue to enjoy its beauty for months to come.

Rose Box NYC Single Gold Rose Jewelry Box

(via Rose Box NYC)


Memento Mori Designs The Thorn Ring: $40

Feeling thorny about love this season? Then this Memento Mori Designs The Thorn Ring was made with you in mind. The brass ring is plated in goldtone for a shining, elegant look, while the band consists of intertwining branches dotted with sharp thorns and housing bold black cubic zirconia stones. We're all about edgy rings, and this is one of our favorites yet.

Memento Mori Designs The Thorn Ring

(via Memento Mori Designs)


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Rave Nailz Dream Nails: $23.99

And for that perfectly effortless mani, check out Rave Nailz—in particular, this Dream Nails press-on set. The set includes 24 nails in a full range of sizes, as well as a nail file and nail glue to keep them on, while the beautiful matte lavender color, complete with dreamy white clouds, makes them beautiful and delicate for any season. Plus, we love that the short stiletto shape makes them a lot easier to wear than longer, more restrictive styles.

Rave Nailz Dream Nails

(via Rave Nailz)


Saltwater Luxe Laney Sweater: $119

We've still got another month of winter ahead of us, which is why we're all about cozy sweater styles for February, and Saltwater Luxe's Laney Sweater has quickly become one of our all-time favorites. The long-sleeve sweater is made from imported fabric with a unique fuzzy texture, with a black-and-brown color scheme that suits the chilly months and a versatile look great for cozying up in or pairing with jeans for fashionable outings.

Saltwater Luxe Laney Sweater

(via Saltwater Luxe)


Lonely Ghost To the Moon and Back Crewneck: $59

And if you're looking for a cozy sweater with a more casual feel, we have to recommend Lonely Ghost's To the Moon and Back Crewneck. Like everything from Lonely Ghost, it is so warm and comfy enough to nap in while still being stylish enough for your boldest streetwear looks. The mint color against the deep brown of the sweater makes for a subtle yet bold look, and the graphics and text are just too cute.

Lonely Ghost to the moon and back crewneck

(via Lonely Ghost)


Karma and Luck Divine Guidance Moon Tarot Card Necklace: $199

Looking for a little spiritual guidance, in addition to upping your fashion game? We adore Karma and Luck's tarot-inspired necklaces, especially this Divine Guidance Moon Tarot Card Necklace. In tarot, The Moon reminds us to allow our dreams and intuition to bring us to a higher level of wisdom and understanding—and it helps that the piece is stunning, too.

Karma and Luck Divine Guidance Moon Tarot Card Necklace

(via Karma and Luck)


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Awe Inspired February Mystery Box: $255

Awe Inspired makes some of the most stunning jewelry pieces around, designed with deep meaning to inspire us every day, and their monthly mystery boxes offer iconic and unique pieces at a major discount. The February Mystery Box is centered around the theme of connection, including pieces valued at more than $450 for just $255 and including one of four different pendants representing a different kind of bond.

Awe Inspired February Mystery Box

(via Awe Inspired)


Taylor Chip Cookies 1 Dozen 'Everyone's Favorite' Cookies: $63.95

If you want to treat yourself to something sweet and indulgent this month, look no further than Taylor Chip Cookies and their "Everyone's Favorite" box of a dozen cookies. Their cookies are famously fresh and absolutely massive, and from S'mores to Chocolate Chip, Brookie, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Snickerdoodle and Oreos & Cream, every last one is worth the calories.

Taylor Chip Cookies Everyone's favorite dozen cookies

(via Taylor Chip Cookies)


Dream Controller Cherry Blossom Custom Switch Pro Controller: $119.99+

If you're a gamer who's been looking to upgrade the way you play, we can't recommend Dream Controller and their gorgeous custom controllers enough. They customize all kinds of controllers for both Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch with art made by independent artists, including build-your-own styles for Xbox, but our favorites have to be their custom Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, and this cherry blossom design in particular.

Dream Controller Cherry Blossom Custom Switch Pro Controller

(via Dream Controller)


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PaintGem Safari Edition: $34.90

We love to get involved with hands-on crafts during me time, and one of our recent favorite ways to get lost in creativity is with PaintGem. Unlike other gem painting brands, they're all about easy-to-manage mini-projects that take about an hour—not 30—and their Safari Edition kit comes with everything you need to bring 16 beautiful wild animal designs to life, all contained in one convenient box.

Paint Gem Safari Edition

(via PaintGem)


Tiny Treehouses Horizons Edge: $45

For another artistic project you can proudly show off, check out Tiny Treehouses and their Horizons Edge kit. The box includes everything you need to build the mini treehouse of your dreams, from pop-out wood pieces with full instructions to LED string lights to bring the whole thing to life. This one is definitely a more complex project, but believe us when we say the results are worth it.

Tiny Treehouses Horizons Edge

(via Tiny Treehouses)


LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece: $49.99

If you grew up loving LEGO sets, prepare to be floored with this stunner, the LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece. It's one of the most beautiful LEGO sets we've seen, with 812 pieces coming together to build a beautiful floral arrangement made up of all types of different organic shapes and unique pieces—and some great colors to boot. And while you could absolutely build this one on your own, it's also the perfect project to split with a best friend, bringing both halves of the work together at the end for one unbelievable result.

LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece

(via LEGO)


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The Woobles Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle: $100

And last, but definitely not least, if you want to work on a project that will help you build some lasting skills in the process, The Woobles has your name written all over their kits. The brand is designed for crochet beginners who've never picked up a hook and yarn, teaching the basics through simple step-by-step video tutorials while making the cutest crochet plushes in the process. The Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle comes with everything to make a chick, bunny, fox and penguin crochet, regardless of the user's skill level, and once you try out the brand's Easy Peasy yarn, you won't want to crochet with anything else.

The Woobles Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle

(via The Woobles)


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