Celebrate Singles Awareness Day With These Awesome Gifts to Yourself

Singles Awareness Day is this Feb. 15—and if you're not partnered up this year, it's really the only holiday you should concern yourself with this February.

So, how should one celebrate the special occasion? Besides spending it with the most important people in your life, we don't see why you shouldn't treat yourself, too. And if you're not sure where to start, you can simply keep scrolling for the very best gifts to give yourself this Singles Awareness Day.

Sea Witch Botanicals All-Natural Quoth the Ravel Incense: $10

Feel like your space is in need of a spiritual cleanse? Incense is an awesome way to create a fresh start for yourself and feel renewed every day, and Sea Witch Botanicals' blends are some of our favorites. The Quoth the Raven incense, in particular, uses orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils to release doubt and boredom while connecting with your personal power and confidence. Plus, it smells really good.

Sea Witch botanicals quoth the raven incense

(via Sea Witch Botanicals)

Rae Destress Chocolates: $14.99

If you've been feeling a bit stressed lately, you need Rae Wellness's Destress Chocolates in your life. These tasty dark chocolates, which taste of mint and lavender, combine healing ashwagandha and L-tyrosine, plus the botanical lavender, to help you feel less stressed and approach your day with gusto. Plus, chocolate tends to make everything better.

Rae Destress Chocolates

(via Rae Wellness)


Thread Wallets Horizon Phone Case Wallet: $15.75

If you're anything like us and are glued to your phone, you're going to boost your joy in an instant with an ultra-cute phone case. We love this one from Thread Wallets, which doesn't just sport a vibrant pop of fun color but also doubles as a wallet. With this baby, you pretty much have all of the essentials as long as you have your phone on hand.

Thread Walleys Horizon phone case

(via Thread Wallets)


Silk + Sonder: $19.95 per month

If you've been looking for a way to better understand and connect with yourself, Silk + Sonder is a great way to do it. These monthly themed and guided journals help you to pause and reflect, helping you live a more present and mindful life while also laying the groundwork for a successful feature. Journaling is a form of therapy, and Silk + Sonder is one of the best journaling tools out there.

Silk + Sonder monthly journals

(via Silk + Sonder)


KINDLY Women's Seamless Boyshort Panties ($10.87) and Woman's Sustainable Seamless V-Neck Bralette ($11.87)

What's better than adorable underwear to make you feel like your most confident and vibrant self? Underwear that's also so comfy you'll forget you have it on at all. KINDLY (which you can find at Walmart for super affordable prices) has bras and panties that feel as good as they look, without breaking the bank.

Kindly Bra and Underwear Set

(via Walmart)


Mise en Scènt Rom Com Candle: $36

Planning on watching all of the rom-coms in the world this month? Pair them with the perfect candle from Mise en Scènt, a brand that makes film-inspired candles. This freshly scented candle smells like newly picked freesia, rose and iris flowers, with a hint of sandalwood, to smell like you've just walked into a flower shop to meet the cutie of your dreams.

Mise en Scent Rom Com Candle

(via Mise en Scènt)


Seed Phytonutrients Superseeds Glow Serum: $36

If you're going to pamper yourself, you can't forget about fresh, glowing skin. Seed Phytonutrients is a clean beauty brand that uses pure seed oils for great results, and we've been loving their sunflower and camelina Superseeds Glow Serum for plump, smooth and vibrant skin each and every day.

Seed Phytonutrients sueprseesd glow serum

(via Seed Phytonutrients)


Aerangis No. 1 The Beginning Candle: $38

Here's another fabulous candle that deserves a spot on your desk. The Aerangis No. 1 The Beginning Candle was the brand's first offering, and for good reason. The scent was inspired by the creator's first childhood memories with her grandfather, combining the scents of our favorite white, fragrant flowers. With a 25 hour burn time, you'll come to associate this candle and its scent with whatever new beginnings you're forming in your own life.

Aerengis the Beginning candle

(via Aerengis)


Pact Essential Raw-Hem Sweatshirt: $45

Being happily single starts with being comfy in your own skin—and of course, you need a cozy, yet chic, ensemble to embody that kind of life. At the moment, we're obsessed with Pact, a brand that makes all of their clothing with organic, 100% fair trade cotton, in particular this unique raw-hem sweatshirt. Its relaxed fit will make it your go-to day after day—and it only gets even comfier with each wash.

Pact Essential Raw Hem sweater

(via Pact)


Common Alloy CZ Bar Ring: $50

If you need jewelry that works as hard as you do, Common Alloy has you covered. All of their jewelry is meant to be worn every day, with alloys that won't rust, wear or scuff, even if you never take them off. We're totally obsessed with the shape of their bar rings, including this one studded with gorgeous cubic zirconia.

Common Alloy CZ Bar Ring

(via Common Alloy)


Curious Creatures I Am Necklace – A to Z Pendant With Silver Chain $51

Curious Creatures is another brand focused on making demi-fine and fine jewelry for everyone, with pieces that are both fabulous and affordable. For something with a personalized touch, get yourself a chain with a pendant featuring your initial(s).

Curious Creatures I Am Necklace

(via Curious Creatures)


BROWN GIRL Jane Lamu Fragrance: $62

BROWN GIRL Jane's fragrances are all scientifically formulated to boost moods, and we think their Lamu fragrance is just the thing for all single girls looking to live their very best lives. The perfume is designed to instill joy, with a fresh, beachy and energizing scent that combines sandalwood with coconut and a hint of citrus to make you feel like a million bucks.

BROWN GIRL Jane lamu fragrance

(via BROWN GIRL Jane)


Flower Fix Tropical Flower Power: $89.99

Who wants to wait around for someone else to get them an awesome bouquet of flowers? This Singles Awareness Day, instead of going for the traditional roses or carnations you'll be seeing everywhere else, treat yourself with something way more vibrant and unexpected, like this Tropical Flower Power bundle. It'll make you smile without reminding you of that other holiday everyone else is talking about.

Flower Fix Tropical Flower Power

(via Flower Fix)

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set: $139+

If you're willing to splurge on yourself this holiday, one of the best ways to really feel amazing is with a brand new set of luxurious bedsheets. This bamboo set from Cariloha comes in all kinds of colors to coordinate to your bedroom, while also being breathable and twice as soft as cotton sheets. After one night with these, you're pretty much guaranteed to sleep more soundly.

Cariloha classic bamboo bed sheets

(via Cariloha)


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