Sipp Is a Fancy, Uniquely Flavored Soda You'll Savor to the Last Drop

I try to be a connoisseur of tasty teas, creative cocoas and special sodas, and when the team at Sipp Sparkling Organics offered to send me each of their unique soda flavors, I was happy to oblige.

When a case of Sipp bottles arrived, I prepared to do a taste test of each bubbly beverage one bottle at a time.

The Soda

Sipp specializes in sodas made with all-natural, organic ingredients. Their unique flavors combine into delicately flavored drinks designed to taste as good paired with a meal as they do when sipped on their own.

They come in six flavors: Lemon Flower, Zesty Orange, Summer Pear, Mojo Berry, Ginger Blossom and Ruby Rose. Each one is sweetened with agave and comes in bottles, as well as cans. I was sent each flavor in a bottle, containing 100 calories apiece.

Sipp sparkling organic sodas: drink lineup


The Taste

Lemon Flower

love a good lemon soda, so I opted to try Sipp's Lemon Flower flavor first. I was especially curious to taste the drink's blend of lemon, elderflower and tarragon, since I'd had lemon and elderflower sodas in the past and found the flavor a bit too mediciny for my liking.

I popped open the bottle (the caps are twist-off, which is always a plus) and found the drink extremely light and refreshing. The lemon flavor was mildly tart, and the drink left a floral aftertaste after every sip. As I continued to drink, the anise-like taste of tarragon built up more and more, adding further complexity to the flavor. I was really happy with it, finding that my instincts drove me to start with a very tasty soda.



Zesty Orange

Next, it was time for me to try they Zesty Orange soda, flavored with blood orange, lime and jalapeño. I was a little hesitant about trying this flavor because I can only handle so much spice, but my confidence was bolstered by how good the first soda was.

When I finally did take a sip, I found the flavor sweet and mild. The blood orange flavor was vibrant, with a little bit of tang from the lime and a tiny kick from the jalapeño. It never tasted spicy—just flavorful, and I found the effect really pleasant.



Summer Pear

I don't think I'd ever had a pear-flavored soda before, so I was eager to try the pear, green tea and honey Summer Pear Sipp. The flavor was quite subtle. Sometimes, I felt the fruity pear was the strongest flavor in the drink, and other times I thought it was the refreshing bitterness of the green tea. I also enjoyed the richness of the honey flavoring every sip.



Mojo Berry

The combination of blackberry, mint and lime in Sipp's Mojo Berry made it my favorite of the six flavors—though I'm slightly torn about it. Of all of the flavors of Sipp, this one tasted most like a traditional fruity soda, and I quickly gulped down the whole bottle. I found it impossible to simply sip and slowly savor because it was too good, though I guess that's not too bad of a problem to have.

It's extra refreshing thanks to the tart lime, with the mint adding some interesting complexity, even if it didn't last long for me.



Ginger Blossom

Ginger Blossom's unique combination of ginger, vanilla and lime felt immediately familiar to me, though I couldn't place it for a moment. After taking a lot of tiny sips, I finally determined that it tasted like a combination between a spicy ginger ale and a cream soda. Even though I can't usually get behind cream sodas, I really liked this.



Ruby Rose

I'm typically a big fan of grapefruit sodas, so I saved the red grapefruit, honey and rosemary flavored Ruby Rose Sipp for last. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with the taste, and Ruby Rose wound up being my least favorite of the six flavors.

Something about the combination of the herby rosemary and the honey made it taste medicine-like to me, and the grapefruit flavor wasn't as citrusy or tart as I'd like. But even though I didn't love the taste, it kept me coming back for more to sample its unusual flavor combination again and again. I was surprised when I'd sipped away the entire bottle. I guess I didn't dislike it too much, but I probably wouldn't opt for this flavor again.



Bottom Line

I loved almost every flavor of Sipp, though they might not be everyone's cup of tea. I can anticipate that the addition of mint, jalapeño and other herbs to some of the drinks won't suit everyone's palates.

Mostly, I love the strangely complex flavors in each bottle. With the exception of the Mojo Berry (it was just too good!), I found myself taking tiny sips of each drink, soaking in and relishing the unique flavor choices until the whole thing was finished. Not only did this make the drink last longer, but it also meant it took more time to absorb those calories. I consider that a great thing.

Sipp's 10.5 oz. cans are currently available in 24-packs on Amazon at a rate of about $1.50 per can, which seems reasonable for an organic craft soda. I just discovered that they're available at all of my local Starbucks, so I'll probably pick up more soon. If you want to find Sipp near you, click here for their store locator.


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