Skai Jackson Reveals the One Thing Nobody Knows About Her

Skai Jackson is so much more than just a Disney star.

The actress, who stars in the Disney Channel show Bunk'd, is currently putting the finishing touches on her clothing line, which will debut at Macy's in October. But that's not all she's doing. Skai has been working closely with the non-profit organization No Kid Hungry to help bring an end to child hunger in America.

We spoke with Skai about how and why she decided to get involved with No Kid Hungry, how she stays motivated to do everything she does and what even her biggest fans might not know about her. Scroll below to see what she had to say!

Sweety High: How did you get involved with No Kid Hungry?

Skai Jackson: I teamed up with No Kid Hungry as soon as I learned one in six kids struggle with hunger. No kid should have to wonder when they will have their next meal. Child hunger should be talked about more, and I am very passionate about what No Kid Hungry does to get that message out.


SH: Why is this organization one you wanted to get involved with?

SJ: All the work that No Kid Hungry has done is amazing and I definitely wanted to team up with them! Since their launch in 2010, they've connected kids in need with more than 500 million meals. Teens and young adults can get involved in the Generation No Kid Hungry program, which spreads awareness and encourages activism around anti-hunger initiatives.

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SH: What's the weirdest thing you've ever read about yourself?

SJ: That Skai wasn't my real name and that I'm not 15! I thought that was pretty weird.


SH: What's something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

SJ: I take ballet classes. I've actually been doing ballet since I was 3 years old.

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SH: How do you stay motivated to do what you love?

SJ: I surround myself with positive friends and family members who always keep my head high. Also, reading positive messages that my fans send me always makes me feel better.


SH: What's up next for you?

SJ: I am working on my clothing line with Nowadays, which comes out Oct. 15 at Macy's. I'm also working on my voiceover show and preparing to go back to filming Bunk'd.

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