I Started Using Skincare Brushes, and Now I Can't Imagine Life Without Them

I consider myself a skincare addict.

I'm always trying the newest trend, and I never shy away from incorporating actives like retinol and vitamin C in my routine. This is why I thought I'd tried just about everything—that is, until I met my first skincare brush. And as the title suggests, I now can't imagine my skincare routine without them.

Before meeting Anisa Kaicker—the founder behind Anisa—I had used a facial cleansing brush and also a silicone brush to apply face masks, but never had I ever thought to use a full-blown skincare brush to apply my favorite products. 

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Products & Experience

Anisa has seven chic, light purple skincare brushes that are vegan, cruelty-free and responsibly made, that were created to go with all your skincare products. The first one I tried was the All-Over Care Brush ($28), which pairs so nicely with my MARA Universal Face Oil, and also works well with creams.


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I find myself using less product with my skincare brushes because it doesn't absorb into my fingertips, which is a major plus! It's also a great way to evenly distribute product all over your face and neck. I also love the All-Over Treatment Brush ($25) that has a little silicone well in the middle of the brush that perfectly distributes vitamin C, retinol or acid serums so you get a consistent layer all over your face.


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The Eye Treatment Brush ($15) is great to apply eye cream, especially because the Biossance eye cream that I use comes in a little pot and I don't love that I have to stick my fingers in there—the brush keeps it super clean and sanitary. It also keeps me from tugging at the gentle eye area with my fingers because it's really soft and delicate. And if I'm feeling a breakout brewing, I use the Spot Treatment Brush ($15) to apply my acne treatment, which ensures you're not touching it and making it worse.


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Now I know what you're thinking: you have to clean these brushes after every use, which is true. But Anisa also has The Wash ($19) that seamlessly cleans these brushes. It's so simple it doesn't even feel like an extra step. I also use The Wash to clean my traditional makeup brushes too.


Bottom Line

I love that these skincare brushes extend the life of my skincare products by allowing me to use less while keeping everything super clean and sanitary. Plus, the products make me feel super luxurious, so added bonus points there!


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