A Beginner's Guide to Skincare for Girls

If you're just getting started on your skincare journey, chances are that you're feeling a little bit lost.

With so many skincare products out there, it's tough to determine which ones will work for you. From cleansers to moisturizers, serums, oils, treatments, masks and so much more, where's a girl to begin?

We talked with Sephora Squad member and Dermatology PA Amy Koberling, and she told us everything you will ever need to know about skincare for beginners.

Sweety High: What advice do you have for girls just getting into skincare?

Amy Koberling: My advice would be to take it slow. Skincare can seem overwhelming and you might feel like you need to buy everything. In reality, the more skincare you use, the greater the chances of a reaction or breakout occurring. Keep it simple to start and watch the magic happen!


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SH: What products should girls just getting into skincare use?

AK: The only thing you need is a cleanser and a moisturizer suited to your skin type and, most importantly, sunscreen. After that, you can add in serums, masks and other fun treatments one by one, if you want!


SH: Do you have any specific product recs?

AK: There truly are thousands of great products out there. For girls just starting out, I love brands that are affordable but also fun! I love the Peach & Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser ($28) because it's gentle but cleanses well. The Naturium Skin Soothing Recovery Lotion ($18) is great for all skin types and the La Roche Posay Anthelios Liquid Sunscreen ($30.99) won't leave you feeling greasy!


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SH: How do girls find out their skin type? Will that play into the types of products they should get?

AK: This part is really crucial. I recommend washing your face and patting it dry. Don't apply any products for about 30 minutes. If you feel the natural oils or appear shiny in the mirror after 30 minutes with no products on your skin, you're likely an oily type. If you feel tight when you make expressions or talk, you're likely a dry type. Combination skin will be oily in the T-zone and dry in other areas.

For oily types, you'll want to look for gel and foaming cleansers and moisturizers with the words "gel" or "oil-free" in them. Yes, oily skin types should still moisturize! Dry types should stick to milky, cream cleansers and lotion or cream moisturizers. For combo skin, it's usually a safe bet to stick to dry-type products and avoid the T-zone when applying your heavy moisturizers.


SH: What should girls do if they notice a pimple?

AK: Don't pick! Picking puts you on the fast track to scarring. Instead, opt for a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment like Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Medicine Spot Treatment Gel ($11.39) and apply only for a night or two. Overuse of actives on a fresh pimple can "dry the pimple out" making it look worse and potentially impede the healing process. Be sure to use your sunscreen always but especially when you have a pimple to avoid post-acne hyperpigmentation. If you break out regularly, it may be time for a targeted acne regimen. If your acne is leaving scars, don't waste time and see a Dermatology provider right away. It's much easier to treat active acne, as scarring can be extremely difficult to treat.


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SH: Is there anything else girls just getting into skincare should know?

AK: Find what works for your skin and stick with it! It's easy to feel like we need to go shopping for new skincare every month, but in reality, the best thing for our skin is consistency.


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