The Sweet Life: I Took an Office Tour of a Major Skincare Company

At Sweety High, we're fortunate enough to get invited to a lot of private events in beauty, fashion, food and entertainment. And who better to take behind the scenes with us than our readers? The Sweet Life gives you VIP access to some of our favorite celebrations, even if you weren't on the list!


It's one thing to find skincare products you believe in, but it changes everything when you really get to know the brand behind those items.

The team at Murad recently reached out to me about coming in for a tour of their headquarters, located in Los Angeles's El Segundo area. I've previously set sail with the brand, gone to a lavish brunch with them, and have tried many of their products. So to really go behind-the-scenes of their company was the icing on the cake. I'd visited other big beauty brands' headquarters in the past and had been surprised by the somewhat anticlimactic experiences. I was curious about what Murad had in store.

As soon as I entered the building, I had a good feeling. I was greeted by a friendly woman at the check-in desk, and a wide lobby with beautiful, colorful artwork. A few minutes later, two Murad employees came to get me, and our tour began. The large office had a welcoming vibe, filled with colors similar to that of the lobby. There was an open kitchen, and I immediately took a staff member up on her coffee offer.



Following my caffeine kick, it was time to meet the one and only Dr. Howard Murad, the man behind all the magic! He graciously ushered me and a few of his employees into a room where we watched an inspirational video on following our dreams and finding our passion. Following the viewing, Dr. Murad explained his total body approach to wellness. He talked about the importance of combatting stress, and I walked away from that portion of the day with a hardback coffee table book he wrote, along with some additional useful reading material.

Next, we did something I wasn't at all expecting: we painted! This was by far my favorite part of the day. Dr. Murad had a wide variety of colors and sparkles out on display, and showed us his easy method of spreading the colors thinly. I created two fine pieces of work that I was later sent home with as souvenirs from the day. Fun fact: My new art has since taken over my bathroom walls. Fancy stuff, folks!

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Creating art at #murad's headquarters!

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From there, the girls who initially greeted me took me on a tour of the rest of the office. I got to see the lab where products are tested. I also got a full-blown facial from the Dr.'s decades-long esthetician. I fell asleep during the process, so it felt like literally no time had passed once it was done.


Lastly, I got to walk into the Murad product room, where I went "shopping." The team was kind enough to let me pick out items I was longing to try, along with solutions they felt would be best for my skin. I walked out with two huge bags of products and felt pretty awesome. Oh, and how can I forget the heaps of Pressed Juicery juices they had waiting for me with all the fresh fall flavors! I felt like a princess, truly.

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Murad's product room – from which I walked away with some goodies! ????????‍♀️

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When it was eventually time to leave (I was there for several hours), I noticed the small workout stations sprinkled throughout the office. I was informed that people actually do use these. This was definitely the most unique way I've seen fitness tools placed in an office.


The day was such a neat opportunity to get some 1:1 time with the brand, and really understand the message behind the products. I feel more connected with Murad than ever and was so happy with the personal touches of the day.


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