Skincare Product Rules You Should Follow If You Want to See Results

We're constantly feeding you new beauty product reviews—and while we've already determined which items we can't live without, there are also rules to follow when it comes to caring for your skin effectively.

There's no one better to consult about said rules than skincare guru Dr. Paul Nassif, of the Nassif MD Med Spa, in Beverly Hills, California.

We chatted with the longtime expert, who shared three of the biggest skincare rules you should follow if you want to see results.

Sweety High: Is there such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to applying skincare products in one sitting? For example, is it possible to apply too much moisturizer or too many serums?

Dr. Nassif: Typically, I stick to only using products with the most effective active ingredients for what I am trying to treat or prevent. If you have quality products, there's little to no need for multiple moisturizers and so forth.

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Sweety High: Are there any particular products or ingredients you should never wear together?

Dr. Nassif: I advise my patients to stick to a skincare regimen with a consistent base ingredient, whether it be water, aloe vera, or another base of their preference. That way, when the products are layered, they are able to mix and work together. Using oil based and water based products together is a recipe for disaster.

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Sweety High: What's an ingredient you want to always see in your skincare products?

Dr. Nassif: Peptides are a must in my products. They help regenerate skin growth, giving the skin the youthful glow we are all looking for.


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