6 Overlooked Skincare Products You Actually Need

Cleansers, moisturizers and SPF are obvious essentials in your skincare arsenal, but we want to take a minute to appreciate the unsung superheroes that should adorn your bathroom shelfs.

Sure, you might not reach for them daily, but just because they don't get as much usage in your everyday routine doesn't mean they're not important. Below, we're rounding up six overlooked skincare products that you actually need!

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Lip Scrub

Cold weather and the heater can wreak havoc on your skin, especially dry, chapped lips, which tend to bear the brunt of the weather when you're outside. A lip scrub is essential, especially during the winter. Lip scrubs exfoliate your puckers, which helps keep them from getting dry, chapped, flakey and cracked.

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Glycolic Peel Pads

If you're anything like us, you're AHA obsessed. Glycolic and lactic acids are two of our fave skincare ingredients, which are usually applied in serum form. But the gem? Glycolic peel pads. They're amazing to use before applying makeup for a smooth canvas, and they're also great for on-the-go texture.

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Detox Face Mask

If there's one face mask type your skin really needs, it's a detox mask. The purpose of a detox mask is to draw out impurities and clogging from the skin with ingredients bentonite clay and charcoal. These ingredients usually aren't found in leave-on products, which is why it's important to not overlook detoxing the skin once or twice a week.

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Exfoliating Face Wash

Exfoliating is crucial for sloughing off dead skin cells and keeping the skin looking bouncy and fresh. Having a go-to daily face cleanser is a given, but don't forget to have an exfoliating face wash on hand to use once or twice a week to remove the build-up.

Hydrating Face Mist

Sure, face mists are fun, but they're also amazing for refreshing your makeup without having to add more of it to your look. Applying makeup on top of makeup can end up looking flakey and cakey—instead, use a hydrating face mist midday to refresh your entire look. We always have travel size face mist lingering somewhere in our purse.


Brightening Eye Cream

Anti-aging usually comes to mind when you hear eye cream, but brightening eye cream is really the unsung hero of this skin category. While it can take months (or even years) to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, you can instantly see the benefits of a good brightening eye cream. A definite must after a long night of studying!

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