12-Year-Old Skateboarder Sky Brown Is Doing Something Different With New Song 'GIRL'

12-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown has inspired us for a long time, first catching our attention four years ago with viral (and super inspiring) skate videos.

And Sky has grown up a lot since then. She's become an even more skilled skater, skated with legends including Tony Hawk and done something we didn't expect—branch out into music.

Earlier this month, she released her first-ever musical single with Brat Records, proving she has big aspirations and can do anything she sets her mind to. We caught up with Sky to find out what it was like in the recording studio, and what this new adventure means for her.

Sweety High: What was the process of recording "GIRL"?

Sky Brown: I had so much fun recording the song. It was my first time in a studio recording. I definitely learned a lot and would love to do it again!

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SH: What does it mean to you to be a girl doing stuff that historically people might have thought was just for boys?

SB: Girls can do anything that boys can do. When people say I can't do something because I'm a girl, or because I'm small, it only makes me want to prove them wrong and go even harder. I don't think it matters if boys usually do something or not, girls and boys can do the same things and just as well.


SH: What inspired you to branch out into music? Have you always been a musical person?

SB: I've always loved singing and dancing. I was actually on Dancing With the Stars Juniors a few years ago and won the show. I've always wanted to write a song and have taken a lot of singing lessons, too. It's something I love to do.

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SH: What has it felt like to take on a whole different approach to your creativity?

SB: It was so different, and I really didn't know what to expect. But I love to try new things and also have a lot of things that I can do outside of skating and surfing. I actually love Jiu-Jitsu and snowboarding, too. A lot of people might not know that.


SH: Who are your biggest musical influences?

SB: So many! Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Sia, etc.


SH: Do you have any advice for aspiring skateboarders who might be scared to get on the board?

SB: You will always fall, but that's okay. I fall, too and you have to get back up. You'll get it.


SH: Anything else that you'd like to add?

SB: Go listen to my song "GIRL," and make a TikTok dance to it!


Want a blast from the past? HERE is an interview with Sky from 2016 about what skateboarding meant to her at the time.