How Skylar Grey Channeled Feeling Lost and Discouraged Into Her New Song, 'Falling Apart'

Even if you've never heard of Skylar Grey, chances are that you've heard her songs.

The prolific singer-songwriter has written for the likes of everyone from Beyoncé and Céline Dion to Eminem and Rihanna, but she's also an incredible performer in her own right, and after six long years—and many ups and downs in her personal life—she's finally set to release her fourth studio album on April 28.

Last week's big announcement also came with a tease of the album in form of the heartachingly beautiful new single "Falling Apart." With spellbinding vocals and devastating lyrics, it certainly caught our attention—and we got the chance to ask Skylar the true story behind its creation.

The Story Behind 'Falling Apart'

Skylar Grey: Life can be so f***ing hard. Last year, I hit a pretty low point after my managers dropped me, my label dropped me, before my divorce came to a head, and my bank account was the lowest it had been in over 10 years. I wrote this song when I was feeling very lost and discouraged—and old.


What 'Falling Apart' Means

SG: This song is meant to initiate some soul searching—by asking questions like the lyric, "What happened to me? I used to be so strong…" it gets me thinking, what exactly caused me to lose my confidence? How do I avoid that happening again? And how do I get back to the confidence I had when I was 16? I hope the questions I ask in this song will inspire people to dig deep and work towards solutions to any problems they might be having. For me, asking the questions and recognizing the issues are half the battle to rising above it all and healing.

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Skylar's Favorite Lyric

SG: "I thought that I would reach the stars 'till I fell down." As a kid, I really believed I would make it to pop stardom—but when I lost my first record deal, it literally felt like on my way to the stars, I tumbled out of the sky.

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