Here's What You Need to Know About Your New Fave Girl Group The Sledge Grits Band

Meet the ladies of The Sledge Grits Band, your new fave girl power band of sisters we can't stop listening to.

Their upbeat pop-rock sound is bound to get you moving and the sisters started playing music in an awesome, interesting way.

"Our parents suggested music classes to us kids as a way to get our minds off the hard stuff going on in our lives," they share with Sweety High. "We all slowly grew into ourselves musically."

After a stint on CBS' Early Show segment "The Next Great Family Band," the girls decided to pursue music full-time and we couldn't be happier that they did. Get to know them even more below!


(Photo Credit: Gia Acevedo)

Names: Keiko, Ella, Mimi and bo-Pah Sledge

Based In: Los Angeles, California

Fun Facts:

1. Their biggest musical influences at the moment are Pink, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Adele and Kelly Clarkson. Their new single "Forever" is right up there with all those artists and we think you'll agree.

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2. They have a super empowering motto. "Every thousand-mile journey begins with one step," they say. "Our dad used to say that to us all the time."

3. The "Grits" part of their band name stands for "girls raised in the sun." They cite their childhood as the reason because "We were raised in Florida for the first 10 years of our lives and then moved to California and have been here ever since." We could have guessed that, they're total California girls and we ❤️ it.

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4. The girls have quite a few pets, including three dogs, three cats, a tortoise and a dove. They also joke that they "keep bo-Pah in a cage, does that count?"

5. Mimi's favorite movie is Tangled and she collects Disney items. Let's be real though, they all seem to share a love for the brand.

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6. Ella is obsessed with all things Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, while bo-Pah is into DC and Marvel superheroes.

7. Keiko describes herself as a "big planner nerd" who loves all things relating to stationary and stickers. bo-Pah has the similar hobby of painting in her free time.

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The Sledge Grits Band is a group of seriously fierce females, but you still need more from empowering ladies, you must check out Camila Cabello's new single HERE.