Why Your Sleeping Habits May Be Giving You Acne

You go to bed, minding your own business. Eight hours later you wake up with a huge blemish on your face. What gives?!

Believe it or not, certain habits have a great effect on your face. Keep reading to find out why your sleeping habits may be giving you acne.

girl sleeping in bed

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Dirty Pillowcase

Knocking off everything on your to-do list is tough, but when it comes to pillowcases, it's imperative that you wash yours at least once a week. You sweat and produce oil during sleep, this goes both for your hair and face. The oils produced stay in your pillowcase along with nasty bacteria that is naturally picked up. Washing your pillowcase will guarantee you're resting your clean skin on something that won't give you breakouts.


Not Enough Sleep

If you find yourself sacrificing sleep to squeeze in other activities, you may be cooking up a recipe for breakouts. Sleep deprivation triggers sebum production, and excess sebum causes breakouts. The equation is easy, but you can break the cycle. Plan out your activities at the top of the week and don't compromise sleep. Get a minimum of eight hours every night in order to avoid breakouts.


Not Washing Your Face Right Before You Hit the Sack

There's nothing worse than having to trek to the bathroom sink when all you want to do is rest your head on your pillow. Nevertheless, those three minutes you spend washing off oil and dirt from your face may be your biggest defense against acne. During the day, your skin collects nasty sebum, dirt and other pollutants in the environment. Your pores clog as a result, and breakouts start taking real estate on your face. Washing your face after a long day is the best recipe for avoiding pimples. You will unclog pores and give your skin a much-needed reset.


If your new and improved bedtime routine isn't cutting out acne, it may be time to consider other measures. HERE's what it really feels like to go on acne medication.