Sleepy Puppy Fights Sleep- Video Pick Of the Day!

This sleepy Chesapeake puppy won't admit it's falling asleep!

This sleepy puppy is clearly falling asleep before your very eyes, but it's going to do it's best to try to convince you otherwise!

A quick Google search reveals that this sleepy puppy syndrome is something that happens ALL the time. So why do dogs try to stay up even when they're fighting to keep their eyes open? We've done our best to scour the internet for a scientific explanation , but haven't found any real answers. Here are a few of our theories!

Dogs are well-known for their loyalty, and for good reason. Good guard dogs will do their best to always be vigilant. For some, this might mean sticking to their post, even when their eyes get a little droopy! That's a good sleepy puppy!
This bulldog tries to stand guard even though he's SUPER sleepy

Dogs are also called "man's best friend," so when people are around, they want to do their best to be the best friend they can be. When a dog has to choose between hanging out with his BFF and taking a nap, the friend is always the victor!

This golden retriever tries not to doze off

Small dogs are just as guilty of this as big dogs. Smaller dogs are said to have "Small Dog Syndrome," which is a bit like the Napoleon complex of dogs. They have to prove that they're just as loyal as their larger counterparts!

This tiny puppy succumbs to sleep

These are our thoughts on the subject, but we'd love to hear from you. Do you have any theories on the subject? Even better, do you have some science to explain this phenomenon? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to join us at Sweety High!