What Your Fave Slogan Tee Says About Your Personality

As trite as they can be, we're still suckers for a good slogan tee every now and then. After all, is there any better way to convey your mood to the world? We think not.

Whether you like sporting these tops to the gym, on the weekend or dolled up with a blazer, below is what your favorite slogan tee says about your personality.

The Positivity Spreader

Do words like "love" and "good vibes" keep popping up in your tee arsenal? Sounds like you're the positivity spreader. You sprinkle light and happiness wherever you go, usually in the form of a positive, uplifting word etched across your clothed chest. You radiate love and positivity, and you always look on the bright side, even when times get tough.

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The Jokester

If you're favorite slogan tee is cheeky, sarcastic or downright funny, chances are your tee is a mirror of your personality. You're lighthearted and don't take things too seriously. You enjoy making people laugh—heck you might even be a comedian, and you definitely don't mind the extra attention your shirt gets you either.


Fashion Forward

You can spot a fashion tee when you see it. They're usually nicer quality, and have a brand logo or something très chic written on it in French. Yep, you're the fashion gal! You love clothes and are in tune with what's trending—be it a monogrammed pocket tee or a classic J'adore tee.

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Hometown Pride

Are you a city gal who loves where you live? Or maybe you're a surfer girl with tons of SoCal pride. If your go-to tee reps your hometown, city or state, you've got mad hometown pride. You want the world to know where you're from because you're dang proud!


Girl Power

From fashion shows to street style, it's hard to avoid the feminist fashion jargon that is popping up everywhere. Wearing girl power slogans such as "Fight Like a Girl" means you're proud of who you are and like to fight for what you believe in. You're all about supporting your friends and other females to do better and fulfill your dreams. You're also a pretty awesome, empowering friend, too.


Punny Lady

Love puns? Love them even more when they're emblazoned across a tee? You get the punny lady award (insert funny pun here)! You differ from the funny girl because your love for words runs deep. You're probably a writer, into books and rock at word puzzles. You're a bit of a nerd and that's why your friends love you!

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If you're not really into slogan tees, but you do have one that's simple and straightforward, you're definitely a minimalist. You don't love names or brands splattered across your clothes and you definitely veer away from loud designer print bags. You like to stick with things on the simpler side—monograms or tiny words or phrases. And chances are, you take things literally.

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Sour Sally

Okay, so not every slogan tee is necessarily positive. If you find yourself always reaching for things like "not today," etc., then you might be in a bit of a rut. Are you the negative one in the group? Don't fret—it's never too late to turn things around. Consider signing up for a new activity, organizing a group outing with your friends or trying out a new style.

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Weekend Warrior

Is your tee always reminding you of the weekend? If phrases like "Sunday Over Monday" or "Take Me to the Weekend" seem to be your top picks, you have a serious case of the Sundays, and we really don't blame you! Reminding yourself of the good times (read: weekends with family and friends) helps you get through the tougher moments of the week. You like the reminder that there's always something fun to look forward to in your immediate future!


Fitness Queen

Workout fanatics, this one's probably obvious, but if your fave slogan tee has to do with your go-to exercise, you're most likely a fitness fanatic. You love building strength—both mentally and physically—and like to show off your hard work. You also wear fitness-focused tees to advertise your beloved workout to the world, because you want everyone to feel and look as good as you do.

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