Embrace Your Lazy Side With These Adorable Sloth-Themed Gifts

Sloths are some of the most incredible creatures in nature, reminding us all that there's nothing wrong with taking things slow. Even better, they come in such a cute and cuddly package.

We think these wonderful animals are worth celebrating, and seeing as Oct. 22 is Sloth International Day, we're treating ourselves to commemorate their existence. Lucky for us, a number of awesome brands also understand just how great sloths are. Here are some of the cutest gifts around so you can spoil yourself and your friends in honor of sloths.

Hadron Epoch Sloth Notebook Set: $16

The best gifts are as cute as they are practical, and what's more useful than notebook sets—especially during school season? Hadron Epoch's set of three notebooks are covered in a precious sloth pattern and come in mint, white and yellow, so you can tell them apart at a glance. One is lined, one is dotted and one is blank, covering all of your bases, and you'll feel quality in every page of these 60-page books.

Hadron Epoch sloth notebooks

(via Hadron Epoch)


Sloth TouchiePlus+: $15

What exactly is a Touchie, you ask? It's our new favorite gadget for making all of your outings safer, designed to help you avoid touching any shared surfaces. It's made of sturdy plastic, with a hook great for opening doors and drawers, while its soft tip is perfect for pushing buttons and is also touchscreen-compatible. Maybe it's weird, but we've gotten slightly obsessed with using the Touchie at home as an iPhone stylus—and the fact that you can get one with a sweet sloth print is even better.

Touchie sloth with keys

(via Touchie)


Crate&kids Sloth Garland: $39

If you're looking to add a cute decorative touch to your bedroom (and liven up your Zoom calls) we love this sloth garland from Crate&kids. It's a twine cord dangling with beautifully crafted papier mache sloths, flowers and leaves, with a look that's simple as well as effective.

Crate & Barrel sloth garland

(via Crate & Barrel)


Lavley Let's Hang Sloth Socks: $9.95

With the chillier seasons arriving, you're going to need some warm and comfy socks. Lavley has always been one of our favorite decorative sock brands, and these socks featuring hugging sloths might be one of our favorite of their designs. They even say "Let's Hang" on the bottom. It's clear just as much thought went into the pattern as it did into making these socks feel great.

Lavley lets hang sloth socks

(via Lavley)


Natural Life Sloth Lucky Charm: $12

Has 2020 left you feeling like you need a good luck charm? Natural Life offers this "Lucky Little Sloth"  charm for protection, bringing love, happiness and good luck. We love intentional little goodies like this. Not only is it so cute, but it can also act as a little reminder to take things slow and take care of yourself

Natural Life Sloth Lucky Charm

(via Natural Life)


HonestlyGoods #SlothGoals Dish: $32

Is it weird that we think that dishes can absolutely make a meal? This six-by-six inch plate from HonestlyGoods is serious #SlothGoals, with a design that's sure to put a smile on your face. It's also good to get a reminder to slow down while you're eating. Savor every bite, and you'll really get fuller faster!

HonestloyGoods slothgoals dish

(via HonestlyGoods)


Land's End Sloth Fleece Slippers: $19.57

We love sloth gifts that combine the animal's cute, furry look and the idea of lazing about the house, so these fleece slippers from Land's End are perfect. They're sure to keep your feet as warm and cozy as they are cute.

Land's End fleece sloth slippers

(via Land's End)


Urban Outfitters Sloth-Shaped Mug: $16

We don't know about you, but if we could, we'd have a house full of amazing mugs. This sloth-shaped one from Urban Outfitters is particularly darling, with its kind face and limbs that loop around to make the cup shape. After all, coffee, tea and all your other favorite hot drinks always taste best out of your favorite mug.

Urban Outfitters sloth mug with coffee

(via Urban Outfitters)


The Big One Gray Sloth Backrest Pillow: $17.99

When we see sloths, we think of taking a restful nap, and this backrest pillow wonderfully combines the two ideas. Get your perfect sleep while snuggling up against this sloth pillow, who literally has his arms outstretched to give the napper a comfy hug.

Kohl's Sloth backrest pillow

(via Kohl's)


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