9 Things That Will Happen at Your Next Slumber Party

Each slumber party may bring on a variety of sleeping bag designs and a different set of girls–but as someone who has attended a slew of these close-knit get-togethers, I can say what actually happens at these gatherings is typically the same across the board.

So never envy another crew's slumber party because you and your besties are having just as much (if not more) fun and doing pretty much the same things as the others.

Scroll through the list below of nine things that typically happen at every slumber party, and see how many usually occur at yours!

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1. Social Media Stalking

Let the Instagram feeds roll! A slumber party with your closest gal pals is the perfect time to open your fave social media app and compare thoughts on what your classmates, your crush and your S.O. are up to while you are enjoying your giggle-filled night in.

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2. Gushing About Your Crush or S.O.

Going hand-in-hand with your social media eye-stroll, you and your pals will undoubtedly discuss what the schoolmate of your dreams is doing at the moment, what they wore to school last week and why they get you so darn googly-eyed.????????????

3. Pulling a Prank of Some Sort

Whether it's a ding dong ditch or a fake dropped call, pranks are totally a given at these intimate little gatherings. Hopefully the sleepover host's parents have a landline, because it would be a real shame for your crush to track down one of you creepy callers' cell phone numbers and know who did the hangup!

4. Gossiping

Between smooching your crush behind your campus tennis courts, and getting into a major scream-fest with your worst enemy last week in the P.E. locker room, there's always plenty to gossip about when it comes to your peers. And what better place to do it than in the privacy of a BFF-bound slumber party?

5. Eating Pizza, Popcorn, Candy or All of the Above

No treats are off limits when it comes to a sleepover. Get ready to bust out the Red Vines, have Dominos on speed dial and get that microwave ready for poppin,' because there will be no early closing of the kitchen on this special occasion!

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6. Watching a Chick Flick

The action-packed films you are forced to watch when you're hangin' with the boys are about to take a back seat, because slumber party nights are all about the girly movies. That popcorn is about to come in handy as classics like Mean Girls and She's All That hit the screen.

7. Staying Up Way Past Your Traditional Bedtime

Your actual curfew may still be in tact, but bedtime? Out the door! The beauty of a slumber party is getting to stay up until the wee hours in the AM. #parentapproved!

8. Disrupting the Hosting Parents' Sleep

Even though the hosting parents give you the OK to stay up and giggle the night away, they are not the ones doing the partying. It's never uncommon for the host's mom or dad to come in begging for the noise to pipe down. While it's expected you'll disrupt the elders, remember to always be your most respectful self!

9. Taking Selfies

If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen, right? There's no better way to let the other girls know who the slumber party queens are than by plastering your amaaaazing night all over social media! #Sleepovergoals have never been more prevalent.

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