Perfect Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Ice-Cold Slurpee

Whether it's 7/11 and you're getting a free Slurpee or you just feel like sipping on a cold Icee, we don't blame you!

There's just something so delicious about the frozen, slushie drinks that we can't get enough of, especially during the summer months. Feel like showing off your Slurpee? Here are perfect Instagram captions for pics of your ice-cold Slurpees.

For when you're enjoying your drink:

"Slushies are my entire personality."

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For that photo of you enjoying a lemonade-flavored Slurpee:

"Lemonade, crunchy ice."


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For when you're drinking a Slurpee out of a hot pink straw:

"Happiness is a Slurpee and a hot pink straw."

-Jenny Han


For that pic of you downing your drink:

"The brain freeze was totally worth it."


For when you're picking out a flavor at 7/11:

"Frozen drinks are the way to my heart."

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For that photo of you double-fisting Slurpees:

"I could survive off a Slurpees."


For when you'd rather be drinking a Slurpee than working out:

"Some people do burpees. I drink Slurpees."


For that picture of you mixing flavors:

"What's your flava? Tell me what's your flava?"

-"What's Your Flava" by Craig David


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For when you're beaming with a Slurpee in hand:

"Life is better with a cold Slurpee in your hand."

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For that pic of you slurping on a Slurpee:

"The more sugar, the better."


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