Things That Happen During the Holidays When You Have a Small Family

The holidays are one of—if not the most—joyous times of the year.

There's ample time to sleep, eat and, most importantly, hang with the people we love most, aka, the fam.

For many, holiday celebrations are chaotic and filled with loads of relatives, but then there are people like us who celebrate with our tiny clans.

Scroll below and prepare to relate to these things that only happen if you celebrate this season with a small family.

1. Although you love your miniature-sized family, each year you get a little bummed when you re-realize that you can't play any fun holiday gift exchange games like White Elephant. Just not enough people in your household. ????

2. Even though you can't participate in any holiday-themed games, at least you can expect to get loads of presents. A major perk of not having many siblings! The only downfall is that opening presents for the whole fam takes a max of five minutes.

Still image of "Dog With a Blog" cast

(Dog With a Blog via Disney Channel)

3. Spending too much money during the holidays is not an issue for you. Your friends are all complaining about how much money they've spent on getting their siblings and parents presents, and you're just like, "Nope. Can't relate."

4. You tend to be a lot more relaxed than most during the holiday break, because there's not a bazillion relatives running around your house for you to feed or entertain.

The Gilmore girls standing in the snow

(Gilmore Girls via Netflix)

5. In fact, because your house isn't full of people, you have the flexibility to travel or go somewhere unique with your small core group. Hello, vacay! ????

6. When you do stay home for the holidays, your family still likes to make a big feast even though there aren't many heads to feed. What does that mean for you? Yummy leftovers for days.

7. If there's one thing you know for sure, it's that less people equals less drama. Because there's room for people to move, breathe and essentially live their life, less holiday arguments arise. Score.

Still shot from "Girl Meets World"

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

8. You come back to school feeling refreshed after the holidays because you had plenty of time to do whatever you wanted. No major family obligations = naps forever.

9. Each holiday season you have the opportunity to form an even closer bond with your tightknit fam. With little chaos and lots of time to focus on one another, you create some pretty special traditions that you know will last.


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