6 Small Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

When you hear the phrase "treat yourself," there's a chance you may picture something that seems a little (or a lot) more expensive than what you can currently afford.

However, it doesn't take a full-on spa session or a specialty facial for you to give yourself the kind of relaxing treatment you deserve. In fact, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself that are well within your budget, and all it takes is a little bit of creativity. So sit back, relax and invest in yourself without breaking the bank with these small yet effective ideas.

1. Take a Bath and Be Extra About It

Sure, you can take a hot bath any day, but truly treating yourself means putting in the extra effort that you deserve to make it extra special (not to mention extra relaxing). Pick up some bath salts and maybe even a fancy bath bomb, put on some relaxing music or your favorite podcast and just unwind in a space that makes you feel completely at ease.


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2. Buy That Fancy Candle and Actually Light It

Whether you add it alongside that aforementioned bath for some extra ambiance or simply light it for the sake of lighting it, get yourself that nice candle that you can't stop sniffing at the store. Unless it costs more than a manicure at the priciest salon in town, it's worth it to let yourself enjoy a budget-friendly treat that you'll actually get some enjoyment out of. And while it may be tempting to "save" said nice candle, the point is to actually light it (yes, even if it's only you soaking up the scent).


3. Find a New 'Fit

Before you think we're forgetting that the point of this list was to find ways to treat yourself well within your budget, know that we're not talking about dropping cash on a Zara haul when we say that you deserve to get yourself a fresh new outfit. Instead, hit up your nearest second hand store and spend some time looking through the racks for some key pieces that you couldn't find anywhere else. Not only will having a new outfit that you know you look great in make you feel extremely confident, but it will also make you feel good knowing you didn't have to drop a whole paycheck in the process.


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4. Get Some Vitamin D

Sounds simple, we know, but getting some vitamin D in your system straight from the source (AKA, spending some time in the sun) can really make you feel like a new person. It doesn't have to take a whole beach trip, either, as you can simply go for a walk when the sun is still shining or just read a chapter of a book from just about anywhere outside. The best part? It's absolutely free.


5. Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Research some of the best dupes for expensive skincare must-haves and treat yourself to some that most strike your fancy, then have a little self care session to try them out. If nothing else, you can always pick up a face mask to do when your skin is just begging for a little extra treatment.


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6. Try a New Fragrance

Whether you've ended up on perfume TikTok or simply love making sure that you always smell your best, you don't need to drop tons of cash on a fresh scent. Instead, treat yourself to something from your nearest Target (have you seen their gorgeous new line of perfumes and body sprays yet?) or Bath & Body Works that really speaks to you in terms of scent profile, all without feeling like you're wasting money with every spritz.


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