I Wore 100% Smear Proof Lipstick for an Entire Day—Did It Work?

Finding a lipstick that will stay on all day is almost rarer than coming across a unicorn.

So when I discovered Lip Ink's 100% smearproof lipstick, I was a bit skeptical. This semi-permanent color claims to last all throughout the day without you ever needing to reapply.

Wanting to see if this bad boy could deliver on its promise, I ordered myself a kit and went to town. Scroll below to see how well it actually worked!

Applying the Lipstick

While putting on lipstick is generally a fairly simple task, administering Lip Ink's smearproof color to my lips was a full-on operation.

Lip Ink's 100% smearproof lip stain kit

The lip kit came with instructions for an 11-step application process. And while that sounds like a lot, getting the color on my lips only took a couple minutes.

I started by purifying my lips with the "Off" solution provided. After that, I splashed my lips with water and patted them dry.

I then moved on to applying the "Shine" to my lips as a base for the lip stain. Next up, the color! I opted for a pinkish tint called Valentine Pink.

Lip Ink's smearproof lip stain in Valentine Pink

The instructions noted that I had to apply three layers of the stain to achieve full-coverage. I made sure to paint my lips with care, because I did not want to mess up and start this whole thing all over again.

Once the color was applied evenly to my lips, I swiped a final layer of "Shine" over them. Just like that, the procedure was complete and my lips looked uh-mazing!

Blonde girl smiling at camera with her lips closed while wearing pink lip stick

Wearing the Color

Now that I was wearing the color, it was time to put its smearproof claims to the ultimate test.

During the early day, I didn't do anything that would smudge my lipstick. But when lunch rolled around, I threw caution to the wind.

Famished, I chowed down on a tofu, kale and brown rice bowl. While devouring my meal, I kept dabbing my lips with a napkin to rid it of any food remnants. I definitely thought doing so would cause my lipstick to come off, but it didn't. There wasn't even a single bit of lip stain on the napkin. Um, how?!

Girl dabbing lips with napkin

After gobbling down so much food so quickly, I was obviously quite thirsty. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and chugged the liquid like it was nobody's business.

You'd think that drinking from a water bottle would cause some of the lip stain to rub off, but it didn't. That sucker stayed on!

closeup of a propel water bottle

For dinner, I opted for something a little bit messier—a burrito. I figured there was no way at all the lip stain could survive this.

Once again, I was wrong. Not even one of Taco Bell's 7 Layer Burritos could take the color off my lips.

Taco Bell's 7-layer burrito with a bite taken out of it

Before I went to bed, I took off my makeup and brushed my teeth. Even while cleaning my pearly whites, the lip stain stayed on. The only explanation for this is magic.

I did notice that the color had faded somewhat from the beginning of the day to the end. But it still held its ground.

End of day selfie of a blonde girl wearing Lip Ink's smear proof lip stain

Overall Thoughts

I'm thoroughly impressed with how well this color stayed on my lips throughout the day. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting it to last, but it did!

The application process required more than it usually does to apply lipstick, but it wasn't that much of a hassle.

While I am a huge supporter of this product and will be continuing to use it fairly often, it is pretty pricey. The kit I have comes it at around $75. It's a hefty price to pay for smearproof lips, but honestly, it's kind of worth it.


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