R5 Takes A Step Back With Official Smile Video In Reverse!

At long last, R5 have released their official music video for "Smile," and it's just as epic as we anticipated!r5 smile official music video

The music video begins with the band in their swim trunks in the middle of an amazing water gun fight. As the band skims backward along a slip and slide, it becomes apparent that the music video was all filmed in reverse!

As the band sprays each other with hoses and pours buckets of water, we get to see amazing water effects backwards and in slow motion!

Lip-synching in reverse does not sound easy and we are super impressed with how the video turned out!

The video also features a picnic, frolicking in the forest in weather slickers with umbrellas, and braving a snow storm! It even features the youngest Lynch sibling, Ryland, and pies in the face!

What do you think of the new R5 video? Watch it below and share your favorite moments with us in the comments! Also be sure to join our R5Family community at Sweety High!

(If the embed below doesn't work, try watching it on MTV here!)