Did Your Fav Feel-Good Song Make Our Smile Day Playlist?

It's National Smile Power Day, a holiday dedicated to smiles and their ability to change the world. We don't know about you, but nothing makes us smile as hard as our favorite music, and this playlist is guaranteed to make you smile!

R5 – "Smile"

We would have to be careless to accidentally leave this one off of a smile playlist. R5 literally just wants to see you smile!

Taylor Swift – "Shake It Off" 

Not only will this track put a smile on your face, but it'll get your body moving, too.

Meghan Trainor – "Lips Are Movin'" 

Sometimes happiness is about realizing something's not working and deciding to move on, and "Lips Are Movin'" is the perfect upbeat song about just that.

Ed Sheeran – "Thinking Out Loud" 

If you're the romantic type, "Thinking Out Loud" is the ultimate smile-inducer, particularly if it brings your crush to mind!

Katy Perry – "This Is How We Do" 

Not only do we love how catchy this song is, but the video's bright colors, modern art and dancing food would bring a smile to anyone's face.

Little Mix – "Black Magic" 

"Black Magic" is the kind of confidence booster that'll make you proud to show off those pearly whites.

Pharrell – "Happy"

No explanation required.

Demi Lovato – "Really Don't Care" 

Letting go of the past can be a HUGE relief, so blast this song and sing along!

Teen Beach 2 – "Gotta Be Me" 

Teen Beach 2 is ALMOST here, and that fact alone makes us smile. Plus, we just love Ross Lynch so much he needed to be on this list twice, ok? 

 One Direction – "Ready To Run"

Another lovey-dovey track we can't get enough of! Plus, if One Direction doesn't make you automatically smile, we're not sure we can we friends.

Maroon 5 – "Sugar"

"Sugar" is just a cute song, and the music video is one of the sweetest things we've ever seen.

Justin Bieber – "U Smile"

Of course, we also had to include this classic.

What song never fails to make you grin? Share your own playlist in the comments.