Smilebuddiesxoxo's Hailey Anderson Talks Makeup!

Hailey Anderson is a makeup and beauty guru also known as smilebuddiesxoxo. We recently spoke to Hailey about her success so far and the things that inspire her!smilebuddiesxoxo

Hailey's interest for fashion and makeup really started in the 5th grade.

"I saw my mom applying makeup and instantly wanted to do it as well," Hailey remembered.

Hailey started her beauty channel last May, and has since gained more than 125 thousand subscribers looking forward to her next makeup tutorial, haul, or beauty routine.

"When I started gaining subscribers I thought it was awesome," she said.

All of the hard work she had put toward planning out ideas her fans would like, plus filming and editing those voices, was paying off.

"When I hit 100,000 subscribers I was shocked," Hailey admitted. "To think I had 1000 subscribers the year before that was almost surreal. I was just super grateful for all of my subscribers."

Hailey's tutorials vary from celebrity looks to makeup tutorials for different grades and how to highlight your best features using makeup! She also does haul videos to show off her favorite purchases, and answers fan mail.

Hailey is usually motivated to create her new videos by her super supportive fans.

"They keep going through the day and without them I wouldn't be the same girl I am today."

She also loves watching other videos for inspiration, and to look for ideas she hasn't seen before.

"I am most inspired to film videos that allow me to edit and try new things," she said. "It's fun to see the outcome of a video that took time to create."

While Hailey loves creating new videos for her fans, she is also a big fan of going outside to soak up the sun with friends, as well as penny boarding.

Her inspirations include musicians Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, and fellow beauty guru Meredith Foster, best known as Stilababe09.

"I think they are down to earth and super sweet," she said. "I aspire to be like them because they are great role models."

Hailey is also a role model to her fans, especially the aspiring beauty gurus.

"My tips for other people would be to not give up," Hailey said. "Find ways to get yourself out there without asking for shout outs. Its important to be true to yourself and make friends!"

For more on Hailey, check out her social channels!