This Smiling Dog Proves That Staying Positive Will Get You Far in Life

Staying positive in difficult situations can be tough.

For Cheech the dog, however, smiling through his hard times just comes naturally.

Cheech the Smiling Dog
(via Facebook @CityofWallerShelterandRescue)

Until recently, Cheech was a tenant at the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue in Texas. The shelter is located in a renovated jail building that has been transformed from its dilapidated condition through the efforts of Officer Leah Sipe, a cop who started working in Waller last year.

It was Leah who originally posted the photo of Cheech's dazzling smile on the shelter's Facebook page. The post immediately went viral, as people could not get over the dog's sweet expression.

Cheech's positive attitude paid off. Barely a week after the adorable photo was posted, Cheech was adopted into a loving family. Cheech was a hot commodity after his viral photo, but Leah eventually landed on giving him to his new mom, Carrie, after she saw how well the two connected.

Cheech was immediately ready to snuggle into his new mom's arms, and he even has a new sibling—Carrie's previous companion, Dusty!

Cheech and His New Family

(via Facebook @CityofWallerAnimalShelterandRescue)

We're sure Cheech will be very happy in his new home, and we can't wait to see more of his adorable smile in the future.

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