These 9 Accessories Will Step Up Your S'more Game

'Tis the season for roasting ooey-gooey marshmallows! ????

Get in the campfire spirit with these nine accessories that will instantly make your s'more game so much stronger.

Two S'mores oozing out on a table

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1. Tabletop S'more Station: $30.99

Throw the ultimate campout party with one of these super cute tabletop s'more stations. Set this up in the backyard or in your kitchen and get those mallows melting! The large planter box is homemade and you can customize the color and stain. Uh-mazing!

Tabletop s'mores station from Etsy

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2. Campfire Colorant: $13.45

Get ready for the most colorful s'more-roasting session ever. Grab a parent and have them toss some Mystical Fire packs in your wood burning fire for the ultimate fire show. Rainbow flames for the win. ????

Fireplace colorant from Amazon

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3. Nostalgia Flameless Indoor S'more Maker: $29.99

This flameless s'more device makes roasting up mallows the easiest it's ever been. The electric heater allows you to enjoy the tasty treat virtually anywhere. Hello, s'mores all year long!

Flameless indoor s'mores maker from Bed Bath & Beyond

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4. Artisan S'more Kit: $24.99

If you're looking to give your typical s'more an upgrade, pick up one of Madyson's Marshmallows Artisan S'more Kits. It includes deluxe vanilla bean marshmallows filled with chocolate chips and Moravian sugar cookies. Get in our tummies now. ????

Madyson's Marshmallows Artisan S'mores Kit

(via Madyson's Marshmallows)


5. S'more Basket: $6.95

This accessory ensures you have a flawless s'more every single time. Assemble your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow, wrap them up in tinfoil and then place them in the gripper basket over a fire. The graham crackers get warmed and the chocolate and marshmallow melt to perfection.

Crate & Barrel S'mores Basket


(via Crate & Barrel)


6. S'more Maker for Grill or Oven: $24.99

If you want to mix up your s'more-making technique, snag one of these caged s'more makers and pop it in your oven or on top of your grill! Easy.

S'mores maker for the grill or the oven

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7. Micro S'more Maker: $14.94

Ok, this device is any lazy girl's dream. You can make perfect s'mores in the microwave! Mind blown? The dome cover distributes the microwave power evenly for a crisp and gooey end product. The plunger at the top of the dome applies just enough pressure to smush the treat down to its peak form.

Micro S'mores Maker from Amazon

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8. Spinmallow Roasting Stick: $19.37

No more rotating your own marshmallows, because this battery-operated roasting stick spins 'em for you. How fun is that?

Spinmallow Marshmallow Roaster

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9. Mallow Star Personalized Roasting Sticks: $18.25

These personalized roasting sticks are ideal if you're around a campfire with a big group of people. All of the sticks come with different color bands so you won't accidentally swap your stick with someone else's! Dibs on the pink one! ????

Personalized S'mores roasting sticks

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