Is SnackNation's Healthy Snack Subscription Box Worth Your Money? Here's What We Think

I don't know about you, but tasty yet nutritious snacks are one of the things keeping me healthy in body as well as mind during these wild times.

Unfortunately, this isn't exactly the easiest time to try new goodies. Gone are the days of slowly and carefully browsing the aisles of the grocery store, and simply putting something back if we decide we don't want it. Shipping costs and bulk items can also make it trickier to experiment with snacks found online.

All of those things are what immediately endeared me to SnackNation, a delivery subscription service that focuses first and foremost on nutritious snacks. They offered to send me a box of my own, and here's what I thought of everything inside.

The Box

SnackNation is a curated subscription box that sends healthy and artisanal snacks every month. They feature more than 5,000 brands and include a rotating list of items based on what customers love most, so you'll always get the best of the best in terms of nutrition and taste, while being exposed to new yummy treats to fall in love with.

Shipping is free on all orders. At-home snack boxes start at $26.95 for 15 items. They also have Super Snack Boxes containing 30 items for $44.95, and a Snacks + Coffee Box containing 12 snacks and 12 oz. of ground coffee for $37.95. Bigger boxes are also available for the snack-happy family.

Best of all, SnackNation also donates meals to families who really need them through a partnership with Feeding America with every box delivered. To date, they've delivered more than 6 million meals, and that number continues to grow.

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The Experience

SnackNation open box with snacks

My SnackNation box came packed to the brim with all kinds of goodies, from unique chocolatey treats, to classic pretzels and salted peanuts, to granola bars and more. As soon as it arrived, I was excited to get to testing everything this specific box had to offer—though it's important to note that each box will be different.

SnackNation box contents


Bare Baked Crunchy Medley Pineapple Chips and Coconut Chips

I decided to start with something fruity by tearing open the Bare Baked Crunchy fruit chips, featuring crispy bites of pineapple and coconut. The pineapple pieces had a nice bite to them, and their flavor was tart as well as sweet, making them super easy to snack on, while the coconut bites were sweet and earthy in flavor. Together, they complemented each other perfectly to make a delicious crunchy version of a piña colada, and this bag didn't last long at all.bare-baked-crunchy-medley-pineapple-and-coconut-chips-042320


Shrewdfood Protein Puffs: Strawberries & Cream

I wasn't sure what to expect with these puffy, airy snacks, but I was really satisfied with the result. They have the texture of cereal, but they're not as dense, and they're covered in a slightly salty strawberry and cream flavoring that makes them hard to put down. This little bag also packed 12 grams of protein despite having only four grams of carbs, making them basically guilt-free.



Crave-n-Have Spikerz Heavenly Ranch

This was one of the few snacks in the bunch that didn't completely live up to my expectations. I was looking forward to these ranch-flavored crackers, which are about the size of a small oyster cracker, but I found that the ranch seasoning wasn't to my liking. The combination of garlic, onion and cheese wound up tasting more tart that savory, and wasn't one of my favorites.



Utz Classic Wheels

These classic hard pretzels were exactly what you'd expect, though I did appreciate their freshness and quality. They reminded me how good a standard pretzel can truly be, even without anything fancy in the package.



Rockin'ola Espresso Blast

If you like super sweet, super creamy coffees, you'll like this Espresso Blast-flavored granola. The granola pieces had a nice crunch, with a strong latte flavor apparent throughout. I personally would have actually enjoyed them more if they toned down the sugar and had a slightly more bitter and full coffee taste, but I still found them pretty tasty. These whole grain clusters are also free of peanuts, tree nuts, what, soy, eggs and dairy.



Appleways Simply Wholesome Blueberry Lemon

The best way I can describe these blueberry lemon cookies is that they're a lot like animal crackers, but way better because of the addition of slightly tart lemon flavor, with the smallest hint of blueberry. They're small, but they pack a ton of flavor. Plus, they're nut-free—and they're shaped like cute little apples!

Appleways simply wholesome blueberry lemon crispy bites


Ocean's Halo – Bacon Flavor

As a longtime fan of seaweed snacks, I was curious to see what bacon-flavored seaweed might taste like, and this did not disappoint. The seasoning was salty, smoky and sweet at once, with a small hint of garlic and spice. It didn't really taste like bacon, but I didn't necessarily want it to. Ocean's Halo also donates 2% of their proceeds to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Children's Education Fund. That's my favorite aquarium, so that's a point I can truly appreciate.

Ocean's Halo bacon flavored seaweed


Undercover Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Crispy Quinoa

The slightly suspicious packaging made the snack inside all the more intriguing. When I ripped it open, I discovered a cluster of crispy quinoa balls with a chocolatey brown color—and when I bit in, I was a bit surprised to find it was nearly as salty as it was chocolatey. The taste was unusual, but the flavor combination was welcome, and it was gone in just a few bites.

Undercover dark chocolate sea salt crispy quinoa


Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola Bar

This unique granola bar combines oats, sunflower seeds, amaranth, quinoa and chia to create something that's familiar, yet different enough to leave a lasting impression. Like other snacks on this list, it uses salt to enhance the sweetness of its all-natural ingredients, which I loved. This bar is also organic, non-GMO and completely gluten-free.

Purely Elizabeth anicent grain granola bar


Kar's Roasted & Salted Peanuts

There were no surprises at all with this package of salted peanuts. It was exactly what I've come to expect in my years eating roasted peanuts, though I will note that none of them tasted burnt or were too heavily salted. Instead, it was a simple, dependable and filling snack.


Kars roasted and salted peanuts


Skinny Jimmy! Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

This Skinny Jimmy bar was a totally delicious surprise. Despite containing fewer than 100 calories, just three grams of sugar and no gluten at all, it tasted like a Butterfinger Bar, but with even more crunch. The flavor was the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, with a hint of salt, and the fact that it also contained six grams of protein made it filling and satisfying in the very best way.

Skinny jimmy chocolate peanut butter protein bar


Raisels Golden Raisin Sours in Watermelon Shock

I was a little skeptical of these flavored golden raisins at first, but was so wrong to be. The dried fruits are coated in a thin layer of sour sugar with a tart watermelon flavor, making them taste virtually identical to watermelon-flavored Sour Patch Kids, but with an even better texture. They may be sugary, but the fact they're made with real fruit is a definite plus, and if I ever spot these in the wild, I'll be sure to pick up as many as I can.

Raisels golden raisin sours watermelon


Sheffa Everything Savory Bar

I didn't know there was such a thing as a savory granola bar, but this unique oat bar from Sheffa has me fully sold on the concept. The crispy bar was packed full of poppy seed, garlic and onion flavor, making it taste just like a scrumptious everything bagel. The 80-calorie bar wasn't very big, but it was definitely satisfying.

Sheffa everything savory bar


Madegood Mixed Berry Granola Bar

A mixed berry granola bar may not sound all that exciting, but executed well, it has huge potential—and this Madegood bar does just that. Despite tasting like a moist and scrumptious blueberry muffin, it even conceals hidden spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shiitake mushrooms for extra health benefits.

Madegood mixed berry granola bar


Bottom Line

If you're eager to discover new, exciting and nutritious snacks without putting in the work yourself, SnackNation might be your best bet. Everything in the box I tried was seriously tasty, and I liked that I wasn't filling my body with garbage in the process of trying new things.

Each product was high-quality and unique, and at about $1.80 per item for this box size, the price also isn't exorbitant. Of course, with the snacks varying in shapes and sizes, and with everyone's tastes different, your mileage may vary. But if you're curious, I think it makes sense to try it just once and see how you like it.


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