3D Selfies May Be the Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen

Snapchat filters are certainly one of the most entertaining and time-sucking features of the app (admit it you've spent a solid hour taking funny selfies with each filter).

Peyton List and Rydel Lynch Snapchat filters

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What if we told you that there's potentially a new Snapchat filter that could surpass the rest? What if we told you that there might be a filter capable of capturing 3D images?

Mind blown?! Over the weekend, Tech Crunch reported that Snapchat has secretly acquired a 3D photo maker app called Seene.

The Seene app allows users to take 3D pictures using a smartphone camera. Insane. All you have to is allow your camera to scan your face for a few seconds and moments later, voila, a 3D selfie appears.

Check out some of the amazing photos that Seene app users have already taken, and keep your fingers crossed that this surreal 3D feature eventually becomes a lens on Snapchat!


Don't act like you're not mesmerized by this uh-mazingly beautiful flower.

Would you just look at this adorable kitty?! ????

Okay, coolest 3D view, ever.

Have you seen a cuter pup?

The coolest.


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