This Is What Life Would Be Like If Pets Had Snapchat

Pets–What would we do without them? They're cuddly, adorable and often times our best friends. The only thing they're lacking is the ability to really communicate with us!

In honor of Illumination Entertainment's The Secret Life of Pets release, which hits theaters today, we're imagining how life would be if our fave furry creatures could interact via Snapchat. Scroll below to play pretend!


Instead of just tearing apart every single shoe in your closet without warning, your pup would send you a cautioning message first. Imagine how many innocent shoes could be saved!

A dog sitting guilty by a shoe he just chewed up


If your cat decided to do something too-cute-to-handle, they'd be sure to send you a quick snap just so you could remember the moment forever. Hopefully you'd be lucky enough to get a quick screenshot.

Cat sitting in a box


When you're out running errands for the day with the fam, your dog would frequently remind you that it was time to come home and play. You'd swiftly come home, because look at that eager face.

A dog standing by his ball ready to play fetch


When having a rough day at school or work, your animal would send you a quick silly snap that would immediately pull you out of your funk.

A dog biting into his ball


Don't think for a second that your pet would spend all their time snapping you. No, no, no. They would, of course, be snapping their neighborhood friends, too—most of the time to vent about you. ????

A dog graduating from dog school


If they weren't venting about you, they'd be venting to you. You couldn't get away with dressing them up without receiving a resentful pic like this.

Dog dressed in a Hawaiian shirt


If your pet was doing something they're proud of, you better believe that you and all their other Snapchat friends would receive a humble brag snap.

A hamster working out on his spinning wheel


If they were feeling a little down on themself, they'd send this snap promising that tomorrow is ripe with possibilities.

Chubby cat sitting on a couch


When, for once, you did something right, your pet would send all their friends a pic of them getting loved on. ????

Dog getting pet by their owner


But, five minutes later, they'd probably send a follow-up snap complaining about how you've completely neglected to take care of some basic necessity for them.

Fish with its mouth wide open


And then, there'd be this reminder snap you'd receive that would prompt you to run home and fill up that bowl of food. Oops.

Dog sitting behind his empty dish bowl


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