7 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Infinitely Better Than Instagram

Snapchat or Instagram, that is the question.

And for me, the answer will always be Snapchat.

Snapchat and Instagram logos sitting on the beach

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No matter how many updates Instagram makes to try and trump Snapchat, in my mind, the social media platform will never compare.

Scroll below to see just seven reasons why I think Snapchat is far better than Insta. Do you agree?

1. Snapchat Practically Invented the Art of Face Swapping

Snapchat reigns the filter world. From bunny faces, to flower crowns and pug faces, Snapchat has the most creative and fun filters. Although they're all great, the one that makes Snap truly stand out is the face swap filter. That's what you call innovation.


2. Snapchat Is Made for Ugly Selfies

The thing about Instagram is that you feel limited as to how much you can post without overwhelming people. Even though they've rolled out their own story page, I still don't find it as compelling as Snap. Snapchat is meant for taking dozens of photos. You can snap your friends 50 silly photos in a row and they won't get mad. I don't think you can get by sending your besties that many ugly selfies on Insta.


3. Less Parents Are on Snap

Fact: Less parents are on Snapchat. Instagram is a bit easier for older generations to use, so they're more prone to test it out. We love that parents (or at least ours) haven't yet figured out how Snap works. Finally our own place to be goofy and creative!


4. Snapchat Has Spectacles

Okay, this little factor gives Snapchat a major advantage. Just last year, the company rolled out glasses called Spectacles that allow you to capture video from a first-person perspective. I don't see any Instagram glasses…

Snapchat Spectacles

5. On Snapchat You Can Share Photos Via Memories

This one's a biggie. Currently, Snapchat is the only platform that allows you to upload old pictures to your story via Memories. On Instagram, you can only share pictures to your story that were taken in the last 24 hours. Womp. Womp.


6. Snapchat Has Unique Geofilters

Hello, coolest feature ever. Snapchat, unlike Instagram, has a unique geofilter for pretty much any location you visit. If you want to create your own geofilter, you totally can by submitting your designs on Snapchat's website. Amazing.

Snapchat geofilters

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7. Instagram Is Just an Imitation of Snapchat

If you really sit and think about it, most of Instagram's new features are copied from Snapchat. Originality is key.


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