Sneak Peek: On the Set of Cody Simpson's Video

We're on the oceanside set of Cody Simpson's music video for iYiYi feat. Flo Rida today. Sweety High's Scarlett Turner, host of our original fashion series Glam Squad, plays the main girl.

First off, we must say: Cody has been beyond cool all day. He is so nice (and crazy cute, hello!)

We snapped a photo of Scarlett (second from the left) and the other featured girls just out of hair and makeup early in the day. They've been having so much fun chilling on beach blankets and goofing around with each other between takes!

In the music video, Scarlett and her friends are hanging out on the beach when Cody walks by the group and notices Scarlett, becoming obviously smitten with her.

More behind-the-scenes photos, video footage, and details to come!