Snickers Unleashes Three New 'Intense Flavors,' and We Want Them Now

Snickers knows "You're Not You When You're Hungry," but the brand is to blame for the fact that we're not us right now.

After learning about Snickers' Intense Flavors launch, we could go for a chocolate bar… or three.

Snickers announced Monday that its three newest flavors had hit store shelves across the country, and the flavors do, in fact, sound intense: Salty & Sweet, Fiery and Espresso. Yum.

Snickers Intense Flavors

(via Snickers)

The new flavors offer a twist, but they still feature the same elements as the traditional (and beloved) candy bar: Milk chocolate still surrounds caramel and peanuts. It sounds like a case of more is more.

Another fun aspect of Snickers' Intense Flavors products is that they come with revamped packaging. In place of the brand's name, you'll find different traits written on the wrapper. For Salty & Sweet, that adjective is "Indecisive?," whereas Fiery reads "Wimpy?" and Espresso "Irritable?" These are supposed to help when you're dealing with hunger symptoms and you need to choose the right chocolate bar to alleviate it.

Right now, we're feeling a mix of the three. And there's nothing wrong with that.


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