These Tips and Tricks Will Help You Solve Any Snipperclips Puzzle That's Stumping You

Besides the totally obvious The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildSnipperclips is the game you have to own on the Nintendo Switch.

Even if puzzles aren't totally your thing, it's easy to fall in love with Snipperclips' charmingly simple characters, catchy soundtrack and inventive gameplay. Basically, it's all about collaboration, quick thinking and understanding shapes. If you haven't seen the game in motion yet, this trailer does a great job explaining it:

But while Snipperclips can be played by yourself, the real fun of Snipperclips comes from playing with a friend. Here are some tips, both for playing the game and cooperating with another person, that will help you make it through the game all the way to the end.


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1. If you need to move around a ball, you definitely don't have to go around balancing it on one of your flat edges. The rounded end of one of your characters can cut a perfect scoop out of the flat end of the other.

Snipperclips Cut It Out Together screenshot

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2. Pay attention to your objective. Sometimes you'll arrive in a level and your goal won't be immediately clear, but the name of the level can be a massive hint.

3. Know what needs to happen, but not sure how to accomplish it? Think in terms of shapes. You need something sharp to pop something. Hooks are useful for grabbing onto things. Carrying liquid around requires a vessel. If you consider what types of shapes you'll need to reach your goals, you'll be able to solve any problem.

4. If a very specialized shape will be helpful, take turns cutting each other out. Sometimes the best solution is cutting out one character first to create a stencil, then cutting that character's shape out of the other character.


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5. Snipperclips is super cooperative, but it can make sense to designate a leader for each level, and take turns taking charge. This will give each player a chance to test out their own ideas and potentially introduce the other player to new concepts and solutions.

6. Develop a vernacular so you and your partner are always on the same page. In the standard two-player mode, using "me" and "you" is pretty clear, but in party mode with two players controlling four characters, you'll want to refer to the characters by color to avoid confusion.

"Clockwise" and "counter-clockwise" are more precise terms than "left" or "right" when it comes to rotation. Figuring out how you want to talk about the characters' flat ends and round ends and about whether you want horizontal, vertical or diagonal cuts are also super helpful. But as long as you know how to get the point across, you can pick whatever terms you like.   snipperclips-four-player-031517

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7. A few of the levels throughout the game feature cogs, but cutting an actual cog shape onto your character is tough and totally unnecessary. Try having your partner slice you into a simple plus (+) shape and rotate in the desired direction to turn a cog.

8. Some levels contain water or other flowing goo that needs to be contained. Sometimes, this liquid is infinite, but if there's a gauge in the level, it means there's only a certain amount of goo to go around. With this in mind, the solution to the puzzle isn't far off.


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