Nail the Snow Bunny Makeup Trend With This Step-by-Step Tutorial

Put down the bronzer and embrace your snow glow!

Winter is in full-force and it's time to update your makeup to match. Whether you're cozying up to a fire or hitting the slopes, I'm going to show you how to channel your inner snow bunny with this sweet, winter makeup tutorial. Your glow is going to be so on point, I promise!

Final Snow Bunny makeup look

Step 1: Prep and Hydrate

Start with a bare face and layer on a nice coat of facial oil as a base. The winter can be tough on your skin, especially with all of the heat indoors, so skip your usual mattifying primer and use a light facial oil, like Josie Maran's Argan Oil.

Step 1 argan oil primer


Step 2: Light Coverage Foundation

Repeating myself here, but because it's really dry in the wintertime, I skip foundation all together this time of year and opt for a light, moisturizing beauty balm. The one I'm using is by Dr. Jart and it has really pretty light-reflecting properties that make your skin shine. Notice I'm only putting it on the areas I need a little extra coverage, like my under eyes, jaw area and forehead.

Step 2 tinted moisturizer


Step 3: Blush and Bronze

I'm creating a sweet, snow bunny look, so what better product to use than Too Faced's Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer, which can also act as a blush and highlighter? Start out by only using the right three colors (so everything besides the white pearl shade.) Apply this to the apples of your cheeks and up to the jaw bone using a flat blush brush. The brown bronzer will act as a light contour, while the pink blush will give you rosy cheeks.

Step 3 snow bunny too faced palette

Step 3 too faced snow bunny palette


Step 4: Highlight

Time to get that glow on! Make sure you are using a white pearlescent highlighter when creating this look. I am using the far left color from the Snow Bunny palette, and applying it to all the high points of my face (cheek bone, nose, cupid's bow, chin) with a small shadow brush. I like to use a shadow brush for precision.

Step 4 too faced snow bunny highlighter

Step 4 highlighter with too faced snow bunny


Step 5: Furry Brows

For this look, I want to create full, natural looking brows so, I'm only using a brow gel. I'm using Femme Couture's brow gel in medium. Work the gel through your brows form arch-to-tail and then tail-to-arch, and then flare out your arch brows so they look a little wild.

step 5 wild brows


Step 6: Frosty Eyes

Here's where the magic really happens–it's time to frost those eyes! This has a very '60s mod feel. I am using the same shadow brush from before and using it to apply a white, shimmery eyeshadow all over my lid. I'm using the color Snow from Lorac's Mega PRO 3 palette which is sadly out of stock, but you can try Revlon's Makeup Revolution Redemption palette.

Step 6 apply white shadow to the eyelid

Then, apply a super sparkly shadow for glitz! I'm using Colourpop x Hello Kitty shadow in Rainbow.  Apply this all over the lid, in the corners of the eyes, and use it as a drop shadow.

Step 6 white pearl frosted eyeshadow


Step 7: Line the Waterline

Take a white eyeliner and line your bottom lashes at the waterline to make your eyes pop!

Line the waterline with white eyeliner


Step 8: Mascara

A nice thick coat of mascara looks super contrasty against your white lids.

Step 8 apply mascara


Step 9: Pink Gloss

It wouldn't be a snow bunny look without a light pink glossy lip. I'm using Buxom's Rose Julep.

step 9 pink lip gloss

And voila, you have a super glowy snow bunny look that you can wear all winter long!

Final Snow Bunny makeup look


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