Snow Days Pizza Bites Have Completely Reinvented the Pizza Roll

When I first tried Snow Days pizza bites back in July of last year, it truly was love at first bite.

Now, I'm a simple woman who definitely is not above eating Pizza Bagels and Totino's Pizza Rolls on occasion, even though I know they're not great for me. There's just something so tempting about the ease and convenience of bite-sized pizza pockets that, even when it's far from the best version of pizzaalways sounds good. Of course, it wasn't until Snow Days that I'd ever considered there might be a tastier, healthier alternative out there.

The brand has completely reinvented the iconic frozen pizza bite with grain-free, veggie-filled versions, and I was instantly intrigued (and more than willing to try them out for a taste test). They were absolutely delicious—and now, the brand has introduced four additional flavors, including limited-edition Tex Mex Chicken bites. Here's my updated review for every flavor—and why you'll definitely want to try them all, too.

The Brand

Snow Days is a brand committed to making pizza bites that are just plain better than the competition. They use cassava flour for their crispy exterior, making them both grain-free and gluten-free, and they're packed with delicious, organic ingredients. The butter and cheese they use come from grass-fed cows, and the bites contain zero added sugars or preservatives, with at least seven grams of protein per serving, and loads of veggies packed into every bite (without taking away from the taste).

They're available in classic Cheese, Veggie White Pizza, Sausage and Buffalo Chicken flavors, with the limited-edition Tex-Mex Chicken flavors out now. Most flavors sell in two-packs (40 total bites) for $39.99, a well as four-packs (80 bites) for $69.99. Monthly subscribers also get 10% off.

Snow Days Buffalo chicken pizza bites in field

(via Snow Days)


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The Bites


When my shipment from Snow Days arrived, I seriously couldn't wait to dig in. Lucky for me, lunchtime wasn't far off, and I grabbed the bag of Cheese Snow Days and popped them right in the air fryer. I love that air fryer instructions are included since that's by far my favorite way to heat up frozen foods for crisp, tasty results. However, I go off the script a little bit when making them. They recommend frying at 400° for just five minutes, but I like to double the time to make them extra hot and crunchy, which is how I typically prefer my pizza, and they came out looking perfect—and slightly burst.

And, yet again, it was love at first bite. The exterior was crispy and satisfying, while the interior tasted just like cheese pizza should, making every bite a delight. Despite being full of fruits and veggies including carrot, spinach, apple, sweet potato and bell pepper, it tasted exactly as pizza should. I remember previously wishing there could also be a meaty variety—but they've solved that problem with their newer Sausage flavor.

Technically each bag of 20 contains four servings, but I can usually eat about 10 bites (or two servings)  in a meal. That makes a bag perfect for splitting with someone, but the bag also reseals in case you can't eat the entire thing at once. In the case that you make too many, they also reheat pretty well in the air fryer, based on my own experience. In fact, it's possible to get the leftovers even crispier than the first time around.

Snow Days cheese pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Veggie White

The second flavor I tried was the Veggie White, which I have to admit I was a little wary of after my first great experience with Snow Days. It turns out my fears weren't warranted, because after getting this nice and crisp in the air fryer, they were tasty and absolutely packed with flavor.

The blend of mozzarella and ricotta inside was sharply cheesy and delicious, perfectly complemented by spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushroom, garlic, basil and roasted onions. I was actually surprised at just how good it was, though I will say that if you don't like strong cheese, this probably won't be the pizza bite for you. I didn't even miss the lack of tomato sauce or pepperoni because everything in it was so good. If you like cheesy spinach dips, you'll likely love this.

Snow Days veggie white pizza bites

(via Snow Days)



The first time I had Snow Days, I wondered what they'd taste like with meaty flavors, and these Sausage pizza bites answered that question perfectly. It's essentially the classic Cheese flavor, with the addition of rich pork sausage, and the flavors work perfectly together. I'm not always a fan of Italian sausage, as some of the spices and herbs that are sometimes included don't really agree with my palate, but I didn't have any issues with that here. If you're a meat-lover, this is going to be a must-try flavor.

Snow Days sausage pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Buffalo Chicken

The Buffalo Chicken flavor was another one for the carnivores out there. The chicken inside is juicy and packed with flavor, and the brand absolutely nails the buffalo flavor with just the right amount of heat and vinegary tang. I'm not even usually a big buffalo chicken fan, but these bites really hit the spot, especially with their crunchy and crisp shells—all while hiding a bunch of good-for-you veggies in plain sight.

Snow Days Buffalo chicken pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Taco Pizza

The Taco Pizza flavor was a limited-edition offering, but I do hope it comes back in the future, as it seamlessly combines the delicious flavors of tacos and pizza into one scrumptious bite. This one also made use of pork sausage, but used blend of grass-fed cheddar, taco spices, beans, tomato and more to create something reminiscent of your favorite ground taco filling. It also includes carrot, onion, bell pepper and sweet potato, tasting like guilty pleasure fast food, but with none of the actual guilt to go along with it.

Snow Days taco pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Tex-Mex Chicken

Most recently, I got to try their Snow Days' delicious Tex-Mex Chicken Taco Bites, proving yet again that taco flavors pair perfectly with the brand's crispy, delicious cassava shells. This one combines grilled chicken with cheddar cheese, roasted peppers and onions with a fajita sauce to create a flavor that feels fresh off a sizzling skillet. They're another delicious addition to the Snow Days lineup, and I really hope this flavor sticks around for awhile before going back in the vault.

(via Snow Days)


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Bottom Line

Especially after trying all of the new flavors, I really am wishing my local grocery store stocked Snow Days bites. Everything, from the texture to the taste to the quality of what you're putting in your body, is better with Snow Days, and their convenience and deliciousness make them almost too easy to eat. Every last flavor is worth trying at least once, and while they definitely cost a bit more than the freezer aisle pizza rolls at the local grocery store, I think they're absolutely worth what they cost—and then some.

Snow Days pizza bites in air fryer

(via Snow Days)


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