Snow Days Pizza Bites Have Completely Reinvented the Pizza Roll for the Better—Here's How

I'm a simple woman who is definitely not above eating Pizza Bagels and Totino's Pizza Rolls on occasion, even though I know they're not great for me.

There's just something so tempting about the ease and convenience of bite-sized pizza pockets that, even when it's far from the best version of pizzaalways sounds good. I'd never really considered that there might be tastier, healthier alternatives—that is, until I was contacted by the folks behind Snow Days.

The brand has completely reinvented the iconic frozen pizza bite with a grain-free, veggie-filled version, and I was instantly intrigued. While Snow Days has been around for a while with a Cheese flavor, they just launched a new Veggie White Pizza flavor today, July 13—and the brand gave me the chance to try them early to see what Snow Days is all about.

The Brand

Snow Days is a brand committed to making pizza bites that are just plain better than the competition. They use cassava flour for their crispy exterior, making them both grain-free and gluten-free, and they're packed with delicious, organic ingredients. The butter and cheese they use comes from grass-fed cows, and the bites contain zero added sugars or preservatives, with 10 grams of protein per serving, and loads of veggies packed into every bite.

As of today, they're available in both classic Cheese and Veggie White Pizza flavors. A two-pack (40 total bites) sells for $34.99, while the four-pack (80 bites) sells for $64.99. Monthly subscribers also get 10% off.

Snow Days veggie white pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


The Bites

When my shipment from Snow Days arrived, I seriously couldn't wait to dig in. Lucky for me, lunchtime wasn't far off, and I grabbed a bag and eagerly read the back for cooking information. I was thrilled to see that air fryer instructions were included, since that's by far my favorite way to heat up frozen foods for crisp, tasty results, and popped them into the air fryer at 380° for just five minutes, and they came out looking hot and tasty.

It was love at first bite. I wasn't expecting the flavor to be so strong and delicious from a pizza bite. The exterior was crispy and satisfying, while the blend of mozzarella and ricotta inside was sharply cheesy and delicious, perfectly complemented by spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushroom, garlic, basil and roasted onions. I was surprised at just how good it was, though I will say that if you don't like strong cheese, this probably won't be the pizza bite for you. I didn't even miss the lack of tomato sauce or pepperoni because everything in it was so good.

I also have to admit that my eyes were way bigger than my stomach when it came to these pizza bites. I heated up all 20 in the bag, which is technically four five-bite servings. At first, that seemed really small to me, but after eating about 10 of these, I was absolutely stuffed. Even better, they reheated beautifully after a day in the fridge—and I upped the temperature to 400° for the next bag, and they came out even crisper, hotter and tastier.

Snow Days veggie white pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Bottom Line

I wish my local grocery store stocked Snow Days bites. Everything, from the texture to the taste to the quality of what you're putting in your body, is better with Snow Days, and their convenience and deliciousness meant I went through two whole bags in less than a week. Their Veggie White Pizza flavor is so good that now I just have to try their regular Cheese, and I hope they have other flavors down the line, too. And while they definitely cost a bit more than the freezer aisle pizza rolls at the local grocery store, I think they're absolutely worth what they cost—and then some.

Snow Days veggie white pizza bites pile

(via Snow Days)


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