Snow In California By Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande's latest festive single is a song called "Snow In California." In the song, Ariana asks Santa for snow in California so her love won't have to go home once the holiday is over!Snow In California Ariana Grande

This is the 3rd Christmas-themed single released by Ariana this season. Her big holiday finale debuts next Tuesday. We wonder what it will be!

"Dear Santa, what happened to the plan we had?" Ariana Tweeted yesterday before the song release, teasing some of the song's lyrics. "I checked the news and it said it'd be a sunny day… make it go away."

"Snow In California" is the follow-up to "Last Christmas" and "Love Is Everything," which will also appear on Ariana's Christmas Kisses EP, along with next week's track! Maybe "Christmas Kisses" will be the next song!

Ariana also performed at Jingle Ball in Dallas on Monday alongside Austin Mahone, Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony. It seems winter is the perfect time to be an Arianator!

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